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What is the AACTE conference?

I would like to know what the AACTE conference is all about. All I know is that it has something to do with teacher trainees. I wonder if it is of relevance to me as well. I have been advised that it is worth attending, but I really don’t know if it is of any significance. What are the education events that can help a teacher? What is involved in the annual meeting? In a nutshell, would you advise someone like me to attend this kind of conference?

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on June 13, 2018

Yes, I highly recommend the conference for someone like you. To begin with, AACTE stands for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. So you are right to say that it has something to do with teacher trainees. That is not all, however, it also has so much to do with professional development even after training. As a teacher attending the annual conference of AACTE, you will gain:

  1. There are various stakeholders in the education sector who attend the conference. They include leaders and suppliers. It is thus a good forum to meet all these people in one place and exchange ideas with them. It is rare that you can get all these people in one place and listen to their issues and concerns about education matters. It is even rarer that you will have a similar opportunity to discuss some topics with them.
  2. The numerous topics covered at the conventions, or annual meetings as they are known, are useful to all educators including teachers. Topics like Equity and Social Justice in Education, Diversity in Educator Preparation, and Partnerships and Collaboration, are particularly useful for you. You will certainly get topics to inspire you in improving your performance in the field. The presenters are also highly qualified and experienced in the sector. They are a source of inspiration in themselves. That is the essence of attending such meetings.
  3. There are numerous follow-up activities for members of AACTE and those who attend the meetings. These include webinars and discussions with online communities. You will be able to learn the latest developments in the profession as well as to interact with other interesting people.
  4. You will also learn about any education event taking place in the year, that you can attend. Events such as the Leadership Academy and Quality Support Workshops happen on a regular basis. Attending them will greatly enrich your knowledge of modern approaches to classroom and school leadership. You will also know how to improve the quality of delivery in your practice, thus make you a much better teacher. In addition, there are partnership events that you can attend in other countries. There are such partnerships as the US-Japan program which enables the two countries to benchmark on their educational approaches. This greatly enriches the participants of both countries, thus raising the quality level of education. 

Olive Wilson2 years ago

I think AACTE conferences are very important for all education practitioners. This includes teachers who always seek to improve their performance and overall professionalism. It is important to attend as many of them as possible since no two conferences are the same. New issues keep coming up in the field of teaching. So each year, there are emergent topics to be discussed. Such issues include security in educational institutions which poses new challenges every day. 

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