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What is study abroad and how does it work?

What is study abroad? There are many talks about going to study abroad but what is the process and how does it work? Can I apply to any university in the world? What documents do I need to have? And, the most important question that bothers me is how abroad students get visa? Is there a special kind of visa that allows you to stay only while you study?

I know, there are many questions I’m asking you, but I’d like to add a couple more. What is the cost of studying abroad and what are the top study abroad programs?

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on February 22, 2018

Studying abroad means that a program gives students an opportunity to study in another country. The program may be run by the university that exchanges students with his “colleague” institution abroad. Sometimes, there are massive programs like International Study Abroad that cooperate with many countries and universities thus offering their clients better options.

Going to study abroad means immersing into a completely different culture and learning everything about it. The major you choose at the university can be of your choosing. However, there is no way you won’t learn the language. There are some courses that include classes on a country’s language. This means you have to study fast. Other courses are done fully in English and it depends on you how good your communication skills will be.

When asking a question “what is studying abroad?” expect to hear a plain one-liner “it’s when you attend a university in another country.” However, this is not so simple. You don’t just move to see what a foreign campus looks like; you learn many things outside of it. You come face to face with yourself. You realize what you are capable of. You become independent and look into the future knowing what you want. Sometimes, you push yourself to your limits. Sometimes, you become a carefree student who travels a lot and walks down the foreign street with an open mouth.

Now, let’s look at the process. First of all, you search online for a top study abroad program or ask your friends for advice. Once the program is found, the staff will help you to choose the university and apply for courses. Once you get the confirmation about your enrollment, you can start making a student visa. The process usually depends on the country you are going to.

An important detail about the costs of studying abroad—apply for as many scholarships as you can. Of course, the prices vary and mainly depend on the university. If you are lucky, you’ll get funds for your tuition, accommodation, or something else.

Most study abroad programs provide accommodations for free, but not all of them. If you are going abroad on an exchange program, it’s possible you will leave with some family that agrees to accept a student from another country.

Unfortunately, I can’t answer all the questions on how to study abroad. In time, you will learn how it is done and whether you need to know more about it or not.

Brian Warnera year ago

After you apply to a university, start researching the question of getting a student visa. Different countries have different requirements. First of all, you will need your acceptance letter—without it, no country will give you a student visa. Prepare all required documents and appoint an interview in the consulate. Do this all beforehand to be sure that you’ll get to classes in time. Mind that opening a visa takes some time, apply for it about three months before your departure.

Now, let’s talk about the cost of studying abroad and how to reduce it. As it’s been mentioned before, apply for all scholarships you know of. Be ready to complete a language test—some institutions point out that the student should know their national languages. Others provide you with language training while you study.

Here is an interesting article that can help you save a few cents

The most important rule—research everything beforehand.


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