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What is striking a match an example of? A) providing activation energy to a physical reaction B) providing activation energy to a chemical reaction C) an endothermic reaction D) an endothermic process

Craig Stewart

in Physics

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on April 7, 2018

Answer: option B) providing activation energy of a chemical reaction.Justification:1) The combustion of a match is a very exothermic process energy.2) That means that the reaction releases a large amount of energy.3) to release the energy is said to be favorable, that is, the products of the reaction are in a more favorable position stable before you react. So, why then does not happen spontaeously? This is because the reactions follow a certain path and that path involves the consumption of energy (called activation energy) to form an activated complex, which then lead to the formation of the final products.4) which means that to start the products must absorb energy (the activation energy). Lighting a match will provide the activation energy required for the match to ignite and continue burning. Without this energy, the party will never start recording.

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