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What is so great about Lewes Bonfire Night?

I’m travelling to Lewes, UK soon and all I see about it on the web is information about Lewes Bonfire Night. I don’t know what to expect. What is Bonfire Night? How do people celebrate it and why in that place? Why do people celebrate Bonfire Night in a rather small town of only 17000 people? Is it a national holiday or a local one?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on October 30, 2018

Well, you should really be asking why we celebrate Bonfire Night at all? It seems that you aren’t proficient in history. This is a holiday that is known in the whole Commonwealth pretty well. Also, I believe that people in many European countries know of it too.

The Bonfire Bight origins go back to 1605 when the arrest of Guy Fawkes prevented the massive explosion of the House of Lords Alongside King James I. If you saw the movie V for Vendetta, you should be acquainted with Guy Fawkes mask that’s used worldwide. This conspiracy plot promised massive changes in the country that we were happy to avoid.

An interesting question really is the location of bonfires. Actually, fires and fireworks are set up all over the country, London features several of them anyway. However, Lewes is considered to be the capital of bonfires. Lewes Fireworks are known in the whole country as the best of the best. Thousands of people come to the town every year to see the spectacular show local artists create. It’s also known as the bonfire capital of the world. This is the home of massive fire festivities that has significantly grown in recent years.

Overall, there are seven Lewes Bonfire societies that attend the fest starting their march separately and combining into one huge parade in the center of the city, proceeding to the outskirts to light a huge bonfire. The fest also has features that passed from the nearby Halloween as they dress in costumes as well.

Bonfire Night in Lewes is a small-scale Brazilian Carnival with the flair of local history. In addition to the Guy Fawkes Day remembrance, Lewes adds its own event to the parade, the burning of 17 Protestant martyrs for their faith during the Marian Persecutions. This is the second meaning behind large services and the traditional prayers.

In general, Bonfire Night is a spectacular holiday that warms our hearts during those cold autumn days. Some people even dare to play out that camp “marshmallow near bonfire” tradition. Though, for me, this is too much.

Olive Wilsona year ago

Lewes Bonfire Night is truly a combination of Guy Fawkes Day and Halloween. Just look at the official page of this local event -  The pictures alone show us those fires in dark settings and grotesque paintings. Of course, such an atmosphere is dictated by the main celebrations being held at night as fires look stunning at this time. Though many people think that London is the best place to spend this day in, I vouch for Lewes. This is where you’ll feel that this is truly a special event, even despite the gruesome stories behind this observance.

I strongly suggest starting a costume as soon as possible. Colorful decorations and clothes are welcomed here and people use all shades of red and yellow to dress up and feel as flames for one night. The day is better celebrated in a company of friends that would make to show even more entertaining.

Larry Warrena year ago

I haven’t visited Lewes Bonfire Night yet but would like to come very much. I’ve heard many interesting stories of how picturesque the whole town is from my friends visiting the place for a weekend. So, anybody who happens to be there on November 5 shouldn’t miss an opportunity to become a part of the huge parade and have fun with the locals. Though, local people are going to be in disadvantage because of all those tourists.

What is Bonfire Night? That’s a holiday of warmth, fun, and light!

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