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What is secret life of an American teenager about?

Karen Wright

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Ramon Kelly on September 3, 2019

secret life of the American teenager is about a 15 year old girl named Amy and she has sex with a guy named ricky at band camp and then she ends up being pregnant, but near the beginning of her pregnancy, she meets a guy named ben and then they start dating and fall in love and everything. ricky the type whos got Amy pregnant is a sex adict because when he was younger her got sexually melested by his father and now he is a child faster and that he is having sex with another girl in the high school named Adrian and Adrian is the biggest slut in the school and she has sex with a girl named grace and then she gets together with ricky and Adrian finally meets her dad and then graces mom ( who is a christan, and thanks to the whole family are christans including grace) sees ricky and grace making when they're supposed to be making cookies. this is part of season 1. episode 1 to 11.

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