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What is scaffolding in education?

Education is a broad area that has many subjects to understand. Its development has gone through different phases that are unique. I appreciate the fact that I am learning various aspects of the education today. It is impressive to get new insights and understand how it affects the learning. However, some terms are proving hard to follow. I’ve heard about some education to go. I do not understand it. I know little about differentiation in education that many people are talking about. I would also like to know what scaffolding in education is.

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on August 20, 2018

It is true that the phase through which education has gone through has changed a lot. We can look behind and appreciate the development. In the education of the day, students have advanced on how to get the information. The online education platform has been on the forefront to provide the right information to students. In the gone days, tutors were able to give limited information to students. However, with the development of the online education, students can get more information and directions on how to optimize the provision in the school.

Scaffoldings in education have a broader understanding that many people do not understand. When I was at school I also wanted to understand it better because I was practicing to be a tutor. Realizing it was one of the ways that would allow me to give the best to my students. I have understood it as the techniques used to advance students progressively to understand more in the process of learning. Instructors provide relevant support to students to acquire higher comprehension in skills that ordinarily they would not have achieved without the help. It is an essential aspect of effective teaching that allows students to bridge the gap that usually arises between what learners have learned and what they need to know. Through the study, students get frustrated because of what they undergo. One of the goals of scaffolding in to reduce that frustration of negative self-perception and intimidation that arise when students tackle difficult assignments without assistance. It is also important to note other aspects of differentiation in education that work close with scaffolding. Differentiation is also a teaching technique that allows tutors to educate a varied group of students who have different learning needs in a particular learning environment. Two methods can be blended to offer the best techniques that will assist many students.

These new aspects of education have changed the whole look in the current training. I am so glad that through the teaching process, I have been able to understand the new dynamics that few people can decode. The trend is helping students develop positive thinking and get a right approach to the learning process. It is the go to education, and it is fortunate that most teachers have understood the models and are using it effectively to reach students. Many students have also found it to be the best teaching model in classrooms and instructing through different training.

Olive Wilsona year ago

I have used different models to prepare my students, and I have never understood the primary guide. I am so glad that I have gone through your exposition and I have followed. You have opened up my mind to get the real meaning and the purpose of scaffolding in education. As a tutor, I am more motivated to get my learners get the best models that will help them to optimize their effort in the learning process. The differentiation in education has been widely used but with little understanding. Now I have a clear picture, I am sure that I will get more teachers to share about it and disseminate the same knowledge. When we are all knowledgeable, it will be easy to provide an excellent education to our learners. Students are waiting for us to give them the best. I am ready to do it. 

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