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What is planning?

Theresa Perry

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Annie Barnes on April 10, 2018

Planning is very complicated method and procedure of us trying to approximate the time and cost of a series of activities (often referred to as 'Estimating') using a set of pre-defined resources, which are then organized into a series of logical activities based upon their dependencies, the requirements, the results and the availability of resources (often referred to as 'Programming' and 'Resource Management'), and the radius of this type of data into an estimation of cost (often by using Budgeting & Cost Management techniques) that includes some level of contingency (often called the 'risk bucket') that has taken into account activity risks and opportunities of future events that may affect the outcome of these activities, which is then all summarised and written so that it can be evaluated by a Stakeholder Community that evaluate the likely success and benefits of the proposal or variants of it (various costed options) on the company as a whole, on the basis of their previous collective experience, intuition, feelings and wild-ass guesses, to ultimately come up with a calculated value that is often passed some other unfortunate person to actually implement and deliver in a set realistic of the time scale, using often totally inappropriate or non existent resources. It is not surprising that the pseudo-science of planning and the real world delivery that never come to meet, when we try to predict the future, when any number of unexpected events or sets of circumstances often transpire to frustrate us and have a detrimental effect on the achievement of the established objectives, taking into account that they are physically biologically wired to "think positively" and delude ourselves that everything is going to follow a certain way that we thought of in our mind, although we daily experience and see with our own eyes, that everything will go wrong, goes wrong. It is a true miracle that we can achieve anything at all under these circumstances.

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