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What is personal development and how can I achieve it?

The company I work for has recently started giving employees personal development training that many of my colleagues are undergoing. I have considered several personal development programs, but I have little knowledge of what they entail. I would like any information on personal development from people who had some experience with it. What is personal development and what are the benefits of attaining it? I would also appreciate techniques I could use to attain personal development and personal development plan ideas I could use to improve my growth both personal and career-wise.

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on June 11, 2018

At some point in life, people want to become the best version of themselves, and this is by focussing on their capabilities. If you want to know what personal development is, it is the ability to gain self-taught skills that will enable you to improve the quality of your life. Personal development is a fundamental pillar of self-growth, and through it, individuals are empowered to perform better not only at work but also in life.

There are several places where an individual can find help with self-growth and undertaking a personal development program can be very effective. These programs help individuals identify the inner strengths that they could incorporate into their lives to achieve their objectives. These programs offer values and techniques that could bring the individual closer to attaining their full potential. For an individual to be able to come up with ideas on personal development plans they should:

  •    Have an aim

Have a purpose that drives you to attain the best version of yourself. A vision is a great motivator that will empower you to develop skills that are required for your development process.

  •    Make a plan

Coming up with a strategy that you will implement brings your development process to life. Identifying ideas that will guide you towards achieving your goals will ease the process of personal development. Plans could help you have a systematic approach rather than become overwhelmed by the whole process.

  •    Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Assess yourself and identify the skills and qualities that could affect your development process. Realize what strengths are related to the achievement process and capitalize on those strengths. Look at your weaknesses and find ways to make them harmful to your development process.

  •   Determine your opportunities

Apart from your internal qualities also look at your external environment. The environment you surround yourself with has factors that can help you work on yourself and shape your experience positively.

  •    Practice a lot

It doesn’t matter how much personal development course training you undertake, the only way to start improving on yourself is by putting into practice what you have learned. These skills that you learn should be incorporated into your daily life routine if you want to develop. Making these things a habit will shape your experience towards attaining your development objectives and also enable you to make effective choices in your professional and personal life. 

Jeffrey Rodriguez11 months ago

My company also offered personal development training to employees. This training led to a positive impact on the lives of most of the employees. I was among the first people to enroll in the program, and I would recommend anyone undertaking them. These programs will equip you with skills that pave the way for new opportunities that will not pass you if you are ready for them. However, there are other ways that could help you attain maximum level of personal development.

  •    You could enroll in program that offers personal development courses to individual
  •    You could purchase a self-development book that provides insight on how you could attain self-development.
  •    You could hire a professional life coach to help you come up with a development plan to guide you towards attaining your personal goals and also inspire you towards attaining your goals.

To attain personal development, ensure you also review your plans from time to time to keep the track of your development. 

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