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What is online nutrition degree?

I have been writing articles on dietetics, education, health, and safety. At the moment, I am working on online nutrition degree and I will appreciate a lot if someone can help me understand its meaning as well as how it can be attained. In addition, I will be grateful a lot if someone can help me understand the duration it takes to achieve the various online medical degrees. Finally, I will be working on a paper entitled RN degree online and I will be so glad if anyone can educate me on its meaning and how it can be earned.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on May 9, 2018

Online nutrition degrees are degrees earned after completion of distant nutritional science programs. They are available in different categories that include associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree. In order to begin your online nutrition program, you will need to start by putting all your academic qualifications in order. Prepare valid and clear copies of your identification documents, transcripts, relevant certificates, your passport-size photos and college application essays. In case of master’s and Ph.D. programs, you will need to include your personal statements, research proposals, the name of supervisors (who will be advising and guiding you throughout your study program), and academic/employment references and referees.

Before you begin your application process, you will need to carry out a brief background study on the colleges you wish to join. You will need to know the credibility of your chosen institutions, the time they have been operating, the number of students who have previously graduated from the faculty you hope to enroll in, number of bachelor’s in nutritional science degree program, course affordability, retention rates and the current admission rates. Also, ensure that you understand the methodology behind the current college rankings in food science and nutrition studies. The most important ranking factors for you should be online learning facilities and teaching personnel.

An online medical degree program usually takes an average of six years if taken full-time. In case it is pursued part-time it may take unto nine years including internships. Although medical courses come in different categories, a good number of them including nursing, pharmacy, dental surgery and laboratory medicine will take a student between four to six years to earn a bachelor’s degree and approximately an additional one year to complete internship programs. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBchB.) takes the longest period when compared to other medical fields. MBchB usually takes 7 years of study and practical attachments. A student will also be expected to undertake an internship program for one year in a hospital.

Most people look for online RN degree programs; however, the reality is that you cannot attain an RN status by simply getting a nursing degree. An online degree for an aspiring RN allows a student with busy schedules to study this in-demand course. To become an RN, a student will need to earn a nursing degree or diploma then pass the national licensing exam (NCLEX-RN exam). Also, a student will be required to work at a healthcare center under an experienced RN in order to have a supervised medical experience. 

Brian Warner2 years ago

I entirely concur with the above text on online nutrition degrees, RN designation, and home-based medical degrees. The text is highly informative and provides the essential basics of online learning. In today’s educational world, technology has made everything possible. Study programs that were regarded as purely on-campus courses and which were supposed to be conducted under very close supervision can now be studied at the learner’s comfort.  Moreover, distant-learning is cheap and can allow a student to work while taking care of the family.

There are many institutions specializing in online learning. In order to know if a course is accredited, you will need to visit the Accreditation Council for Education Website and verify the course and the college you’ve chosen. In regard to RN degree, note that RN is simply a designation accorded to registered nurses as opposed to a field of study. Such title will require a student to enroll for online nursing degree and then fulfill the additional requirements mentioned in the text above. 

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