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What is online marketing?

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on August 23, 2018

Online Marketing is the discipline or branch of marketing that deals with promoting products using the internet. This includes marketing on web sites, e-mail, in the mobile ptools. The advertising industry breaks marketing into the following categories and sub-categories (I'll give you a pair of) TV - Network, Cable, Radio - Music, Talk, Satellite of the Printing of Newspapers, Magazines (Consumer - Foreign Trade - Billboards, etc-Interactive - Web, Email, Mobile, online marketing is where the business is brought to web based business. The company was created for the market potential via the Internet. Online marketing is where a specific website will be visible to all the potential market online. Of online marketing to be a success with the help of SEO companies that gets your company at the top of the classification.

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