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What is New Zealand?

Zach Chandler

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on December 14, 2018

A+ Students an independent nation of New Zealand is a westernised first-world country, which is located 1250miles southeast of Australia, in the south-west of the Pacific Ocean.It consists of two main islands and a number of smaller ones. Theindigenous people of New Zealand, settled about 1000 years ago;they are called the Maori, who named the islands Aotearoa. The country was founded by the Treaty of Waitangi between the Maori andPakeha (non-Maori, represented by the British Crown), which wassigned on February 4, 1840. The country has become amajor participant in the trade, sport, military exploits, and tourism. The country has a population of just over 4 million people, many ofwhom live in one of the major cities; the greater Auckland areacontains approximately one-third of the 4 million, for example. The capitalWellington is located in a port of the North Island. Other majorcities include Christchurch, the second largest city and thelargest in the South of the Island), Dunedin (settled by the Scots - the name is the Gaelic equivalent of Edinburgh) and Hamilton . Other majorurban centers are mainly located in the North of the Island. It is located very well in terms of political freedom (first equality terms of absence of corruption, and has a very open democracywith several matches gaining popularity and influence),the enjoyment of life (in the top 5 of the happiness, job satisfaction),and personal health. New Zealand is known for its carefree, relatively liberal andrural based on the culture, mostly untouched landscape and its very"clean green" image; these make it a tourist destination of andfilming-target location. It is also known for the large amountof agriculture. Agriculture is an important industry in New Zealand, andagriculture accounts for two-thirds of its export market. As anation, is very dedicated in the field of environmetal importance -for example, the strong opposition to both the hunting and nuclear weapons - and this is a reflection of the general population. However, thepeople are not afraid to stand up for what is right, and in timeshave openly helped other nations in war, in particular the WorldWars and some of the more recent conflicts; its SAS soldiers are reputedas some of the best elite troops in the world, despite its smallnumbers. Become involved in the efforts of peacekeeping missions and help many underdeveloped countries around the world. Many of the sports teams are among the best in the world, with New Zealand punching well above its weight in Olympicmedal accounts (that is in the top three of the medals per capita in mostGames, and in total). The All Blacks - the national men's rugby unionteam - are the most well-known, such equipment, with others such as theSilver Ferns (women's netball), the Black Sticks (field hockey forboth sexes), the Tall Blacks (basketball) and the All Whites(men's soccer), make many decent achievements in their fields.Many athletes have also had great success, with severaldominating their sport for some time and winner of multiple eventsand awards in the process.

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