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What is Moodle and what is it used for?

I have been considering taking an online course in IT and I would like my course to be on one of the best online course platforms. This is because; I know an LMS system plays an important role in the experience you have while doing online learning. Since I plan to take all my classes online, I would like the assurance of knowing that I will not experience any problems on the learning platform I will be using. I have heard of Moodle but I am not sure what kind of learning platform it is or who uses it.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on February 21, 2018

Moodle is a flexible and very advanced Virtual Learning Environment that supports face-to-face teaching and a good number of online teaching and learning tools. It is one of the most popular Learning Management Systems in the world used for classroom training and dynamic teaching online. It is a mature system with enthusiastic and strong international users.

One of the most popular Universities that use this platform for learning is the University of Cambridge. The university has taken advantage of this software for the purpose of providing courses and online teaching.

One of the reasons this software is considered the best online course platform is the fact that it is very user-friendly. When the user gets it, they are given access to a course which assists them on how to structure courses, design their teaching plan and come up with different ways on how to access their students. This is very important for institutions that want to introduce an online learning platform. With this course, they will not experience a lot of challenges and they will be able to provide quality education to their online students.  The software also offers training for users who need to learn how to use the software effectively.

In your case, you simply need to identify a school that uses this software for their online teaching. This is because, for every online course, you will have to use what the university provides. If your goal is to use the best platform, you should consider universities like Cambridge which have invested in the best technology for their online classes. This will guarantee that you get the best quality of education you are looking for. However, I would encourage you to focus more on the course other than the platform the education is being offered on. This is because the platform might be amazing but you are not getting the resources and materials you need to become an expert in your field. Carry out some research in order to identify the best school offering your program of choice. Go through each program to see which one covers the most and is more likely to teach you the most Apart from this, make sure the university is accredited. Otherwise, you might end up getting a certification that is not valid anywhere.

All in all, Moodle is an amazing and very effective platform. Any student taking online courses will enjoy learning on this wonderful platform.

Brian Warner2 years ago

I disagree. The learning platform is equally important to the course you intend to take online. This is because online learning is very different from taking classes in a traditional brick and mortar institution. Online students do not get access to most of the resources in the school such as laboratories and certain library resources. Therefore, the only way they can get the most out of their education is if they are using a platform which enables them to take advantage of as many resources at the university as possible. For instance, with this software, you will be able to access things like face-to-face teaching which is not always a possibility with online learning. This is very important because it makes your online classes almost similar to the ones you would get in a brick and mortar classroom. Therefore, the platform plays a significant role in the quality of education you get and it should be your main priority when you are considering taking an online course.

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