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What is 'modality of sensation'?

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Timothy Norman on March 29, 2018

Each type of the principal type of feeling that we experience pain , touch, sight ,sound and so forth is called modalities of sensation. We experience these different modalities of feeling, while the nerve fibers transmit only impulses. How is it that different nerve fibers transmit different modalities of sensation? 1. Each nerve tract terminates at a specific point in the CNS, and the type of sensation is determined by the point in the nervous system to which the fiber leads. So touch stimulus is carried by nerve impulses in the touch area of the brain. In a manner similar to the fibers of the eye (retina) ends up in the "visual Polite" of the brain, touch stimuli carried by the nerve impulses in the "touch" area of the brain. 2.On the other hand, each of the receptor organs specialized to receive a particular type of stimuli and this is taken to a particular area of the bran.

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