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What is meant by the term character education?

Character education is a term that I have heard lately and I am not conversant with the term or what it entails. I have also heard that the term is inclusive of various programs that should be included in schools. What are these programs and what are their benefits to students? Moreover, is character education a new thing? Is character education part of schooling or is it a concept on its own? Moreover, does character education include the activities that are found in a school class? Does Michigan charter schools uphold character education?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on July 16, 2018

The teaching of children in a way that will make them grow with various characteristics is simply termed as the education of character. This type of education basically entails the development of children so that they can have various character traits. These character traits include mannered, behaved, successful, traditional, compliant, civilized, non-bullying, healthy and socially acceptable people. Therefore, character education works on making children have those character traits when they become old enough to know between good and bad and when they become adults.

There are various concepts that fall under the term which include health education, critical thinking, emotional learning, education life skills, moral reasoning and many more. Character education also is responsible for bringing good leaders who are only interested in the benefits of their followers and not themselves. However, philosophers argue that man was created as a very calm and quiet being and when the external world affects them it makes them develop other undesired traits.

Moreover, the eastern philosophy argues that when a man is affected by the external world desires are developed and whenever the desires are not controlled man loses their true selves. In schools today, there are various character education programs which are adopted in schoolings and businesses. These characters include values, virtues, pillars, and principles. Al these characters are found in some of the subjects that we study at schools such as religious education and health education. Moreover, in businesses there some characters that we are taught. For example, when you are taught not increase the value of a product just because the customer is not conversant with the prices. Also in business, we are taught some principles that definitely follow the definition of character education.

Character education is most definitely part of education received at schools. This is evident with some of the in-school programs that are provided to students in schools. These programs include forced-formality, cheerleading, praise-and-reward, and define-and-drill. Forced-formality is when students are strictly instructed to comply with a specific set of rules and regulations such as a formal form of addressing the teachers and staffs. Secondly, define-and-drill basically requires students to memorize some values and their definition. Thirdly, praise-and-reward seeks to create virtue into the habit by giving students with good behaviors presents. Given its fact that all these practices may be witnessed in school classes, it is therefore clear that character education is practiced. Moreover, Michigan’s charter schools do ensure character education. 

Jordan Soto2 years ago

In simple words, character education is the teaching of children to always be good in all situations. Therefore, character education is meant to let man retain their initial calm and quiet being. I advocate the installation of character education to our children as it will make them have positive character traits. Moreover, it will make the world a much more peaceful place since every person has good behavior. Additionally, character education will not only instill good traits to our children but also make them reason rationally in every situation that they may encounter. Further, this education will make our children good leaders in the coming future. Michigan charter schools also ensure the students are provided with character education. This is evident since the schools are supposed to submit a cooperative and descriptive assortment outlining the implementation on each the eleven doctrines of active character education. Moreover, the Michigan state board of education believes the well-being of a democratic society requires the civic engagement of ethical citizens which are only developed through character education. 

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