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What is meant by online accredited school?

Ross Pratt

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1 answer

Carlton Burgess on March 15, 2018

Answer 1: Whether or not the school "in line" means nothing, for the purposes of the answer that we seek. The only thing that mattters is if the school is accredited. And "accredited" means an agency approved by the Department of Education (USDE). There is another type of "accreditation" corresponds to the reality of accreditation. So, don't be fooled! If it is an online school, or one with a physical campus on Elm Street, whether or not it's accredited by a USDE-approved agency is all that matters. Not afraid of a "line" of the school, provided that it is accredited by a USDE-approved agency. And if it is a secondary school, make sure that the USDE-approved accreditor is of the "regional" type. .

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