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What is meant by international studies?

I’m a career advisor by profession, and I recently began advising students on matters regarding higher education. Shortly, I will be delivering a talk to a group of college students on the meaning of international studies as well as ways through which students can access these studies. I also want to enlighten my students on how to look for an internship abroad and any help on this subject will be appreciated.  On the other hand, I would also like to help my students understand how to choose the best universities in Australia and any assistance on how to approach this topic will be of great help.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on March 30, 2018

International-Studies normally abbreviated as IS generally refer to the particular university programs and degrees which are related to the study of key political, social, cultural and economic issues which dominate. More specifically, the term can be described as the historical and contemporary understanding of international cultures, the system of governance, societies, and languages as well as the sophisticated inter-relationships that define our world. This is a wide field of study that incorporates almost every field of study. Its concepts and terms are strongly correlated with international relations, despite the latter focusing mainly on the associations between different countries.

Thus, when delivering your talk, make sure your students understand the meaning of your subject and then try and bring out its connection with international relations. Finally, try and elucidate how the grand concept of international-studies is an avenue to attaining healthy international relations. More often, these studies are targeted at enhancing bilateral and multilateral relations between different countries. A student can usually access these studies through their national government's initiatives. For instance, the Spanish government can initiate a scholarship program which aims at sending groups of students to other countries to get bachelor’s degree in foreign languages. Other countries may initiate internal exchange programs that aim at helping the student learn other countries’ technologies, culture, infrastructural development, and governance. It strengthens how countries relate and promote free global trade and travel.

The concept of global studies has enabled different countries to jointly come together and develop ways of combating environment disasters and other calamities such as terrorism and pandemics. Nowadays, South Korean engineering graduate can easily apply for a job in Germany, and she is offered a job. Any student can now carry out his/her internship anywhere in the world as a result of mutual understanding and cohesiveness among different nations.

Basing on their field of study and grades, your students can apply for internships abroad once they are done with their undergraduate studies. The most important thing for them is to find a company that they believe will accept their skills and qualifications. Since most interns are not paid, a student applying for an internship program should look for enough money that can sustain them for the entire internship period. However, a student can still make an effort to search for an internship in their country of choice.

Choosing the best university in Australia is not an easy task since most universities and colleges are pretty good. Depending on the faculty size, graduation rates and reputation of the faculty from employers and other stakeholders, students can choose a college that suits there specialization and sometimes their financial ability.

Kurt Pricea year ago

I agree with the above answer. I believe that the world today has made great progress in unifying different societies through international studies. In most universities and colleges, global studies are offered at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level. Students are able to choose from a wide range of courses. Some areas of study will include cultural, political and social relationships in the global system, diplomacy, foreign policies and other interaction modes between different countries; the importance of foreign societies, systems of governance and cultures. The study fosters the global movement of people as workers, immigrants, students, refugees, investors, and tourists. It emphasizes the role of globalization, international organizations, history, and foreign languages.

Australia, Canada, Chile, the United States and the United Kingdom have become a highly renowned destination for most students aspiring to undertake studies in peace, international relation, conflict, and development. Positive international relations have opened avenues for lucrative career prospects for the current and future generations.

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