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What is jargon?

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1 answer

James Washington on May 6, 2018

The jargon is similar to slang - it is a specific set of words andphrases that are unique to a small group of people. The jargon iswork-related jargon. Most of the times, the jargon of evolutionis because the people in a certainjob need of the use of certain words and terms that don't mean a lot topeople do not work in those areas or with those machines. However,sometimes "corporate jargon" in which large companies oroffices deliberately create mottos or slogans which become jargon-these are usually elaborate ways of saying things that could besaid much more simple, and are used to show that you are a "team." Some Examples: If you are in a restaurant, you can listen to some of these: . Adam and Eve on a raft, burn, pigs in a blanket, paint itred, wreck 'em If you are in a medical center, you can listen to some of these: . stat, obtain vital signs, QD, QHS, PRN, bag it If you are on the internet, you can see some of these: . LOL. ROFL, frequently asked questions, CYA, by the WAY, in my humble opinion, If you're in the army, you can listen to some of these: . AWOL, TDY, Sarge, Bravo, Foxtrot, click If you're in an office, you can listen to some of these: . think outside of the box, at the end of the day, creation,tip of the spear check out the Related Questions for even more jargon! students respond: a Specific Language used among people of a specific group

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