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What is ITEEA?

I am a student currently on internship as a K-12 teacher in a private school. A week ago, I heard a few staff members going on about the ITEEA conference 2018 and how they plan to attend it. I was a bit shy to ask for more information on the matter as I was not part of the conversation. Plus, I am a newbie in the school and would hate for it to seem like I am an eavesdropper or at worst, a nuisance. So, I would like to know a bit more about ITEEA. What does ITEEA Standards mean?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on July 19, 2018

Well, it is not strange not to know I.T.E.E.A by now. I only learned about the organization in my final year of college while pursuing my teaching undergraduate degree. Why is information not widely available to students like you? Well, the organization- as its full name suggests- is an organization for educators in charge of students from lower grades up to high school levels.
ITEEA conventions are held annually in different cities and with different themes. A conference typically takes three days. I have attended two previous conventions and learned a lot from them. 2018’s ITEEA conference took place early April and registration for the 2019’s event is yet to be announced. Though each conference is unique, they all have several features in common. These include:
Keynote speakers
Learning and networking sessions

ITEEA’s Standards:
The primary objective of the organization is to promote technological literacy in K-12 education. One way it has been able to fulfill this objective the establishment of STL which stands for Standards for Technological literacy. These standards describe the tech literacy levels that children should possess and how to go about achieving these levels. The standards are developed for educators in a bid to support current teaching models in American schools. The standards emphasize the nature of tech, how technology interacts with the society and the strengthen abilities of a technologically advanced world.

Why these standards are essential:

  • Enhance technological literacy: in a technologically advanced and evolving world, it is correct to say that learning how to use technology makes everyday life more manageable. Children need to start their journey to technological literacy early as the world they will compete in as adults will need a high tech literacy level. Thus, by integrating these standards in teaching, an educator also improves their student’s life skills.
  • They aim to change the perception of kids towards STEM courses. Most people discover their career interest during their high school years. A better understanding of engineering and technology as a whole for children in younger years means more of these students are willing to venture into tech.
  • They promote active learning and development of tech skills: the standards encourage and enhance a vibrant learning environment for K-12 students.
  • Connect technology to other fields in K-12 education: these standards also help to blend in technology and other areas of study in the k-12 education curriculum.

Kurt Pricea year ago

I was not able to register for the ITEEA conference 2018 in time, so I sadly had to miss it. So, if you are yet to attend one such convention, I would highly advise you register for the 2019 convention. Though the next conference details are yet to be announced, you might want to prepare early. However, it will be on March 27th next year. Information on previous conferences is readily available online and can help you estimate the fees, and activities that will be present and eligibility for a discount.

Preparing early for a conference is important mainly because of the registration. There is usually a significant discount on those who register early. Additionally, if you might want to make other arrangements including transport costs, accommodation and extra costs you might likely incur during your trip. Remember, there is also an exhibition, and you may find yourself buying something you had not planned to purchase.

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