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What is it like to become an exchange student in Japan?

My school has organized exchange student programs, which are yet to commence in the coming month. It has been the moment I have waited for since I heard about the study abroad Japan program. My excitement is shadowed with fears of how my stay in Japan would be during the exchange program. I am not sure how well the Japanese people are in hosting a foreign exchange student. While I wait for the program to begin, I can’t help thinking about the experience of becoming a foreign exchange student in Japan.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on April 5, 2018

Japan is an interesting country to go for the student exchange program. I understand some students may have untold fears about leaving their home countries to a place they barely know. With the experience that I have in the various student exchange programs I enrolled, I can’t complain about any moment I had with the new environments I visited. We visited Japan as exchange students for several months. All the classmates who were with me on the exchange program loved every experience we had. Before our program, I had heard news concerns how people in Japan warmly host foreign exchange students. It increased my desire for the program, which I had anticipated for a long time. Many countries have a different way of hosting their exchange students. Besides, the entire program varies from country to country. I am lucky to have visited different countries including Japan and France. I cannot compare my experience in Japan with any other country. If you desire to visit a country, where you will love everything including culture, buildings, and social settings, then Japan is the best selection for you.

If you are considering studying abroad in Japan, then go for it. Being an exchange student in Japan is the best thing that ever happened to me. In the beginning, I was skeptical about most of the things that I encountered. However, time proved me wrong when I came to visit some of the exciting places in Japan. I loved their culture and enjoyed their fresh foods from the seas. I am not good at learning a language, but the Japanese language was different. It took me a few days to learn several words, and I have grown to learn more phrases. The other things I enjoyed in Japan as a foreign exchange student include visiting the hidden temples in designated corners, enjoying the beautiful sceneries of the high places, and learning the Japanese culture. The Japanese people are friendly and understanding; through their hospitality, I made lasting friendships that I still hold dear to my heart. The whole idea of exchange programs for schools is to help students learn the new cultures in other countries and develop their cultural, interpersonal and professionals skills. Due to the cultural endowment that Japan has, it has grown to be one of the best countries that schools and universities across the world prefer. It is understandable that one would be afraid of the new ventures of a foreign country. However, it is worth experiencing the new things in the places you fear most. Eventually, you would appreciate the new lesson you learn.

Olive Wilsona year ago

I would say that being an exchange student in Japan is fun. My two sons had been in Japan for six months for their college exchange program. I cannot regret to have supported them to choose Japan for the same. They would show us photos of the wonderful sceneries they saw and narrate the educative moments they had in Japan. One thing that made me happy is that they expressed a completely new character after their program. Despite the few challenges they experienced along the way, they still acknowledged that it was a great stay in a foreign country. What I believe is that our readiness and willingness to learn can be very helpful to a foreign exchange student. Flexibility is key: your familiarity and comfort you have in your country should not be a hindrance to you exploring other new environments. I have visited Japan for business purposes, and I know it is a beautiful place to be as long as you are flexible and willing to learn new things.

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