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What is it like to be studying abroad in London?

Trying to decide where to go to college is hard. I’m still in doubts—there are so many options, especially considering the abroad opportunities. Studying abroad in London—what would it be like? It is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Besides, many students from the U.S. head to England to study in one of its classy universities. I think that students studying abroad are very brave to leave their homes and go to another continent to live alone. Someday, I plan to do the same. My friends will come home soon for a winter break; studying abroad is going well for them and I would like to decide whether I want to go there or not. So, I’m here asking your advice on the benefits and downsides of studying in London.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on February 21, 2018

If you are drawn to historical sights and the British accent, you should definitely study abroad in London. The city has many advantages and beautiful sceneries. I think that the British education is known to be great worldwide. So many scientists and scholars studied and worked there. For the start, you can think about spending a winter break studying abroad universities and visiting them. If you are still not sure, apply for a semester or a year to see whether the atmosphere suits you.

Considering the popularity of this location among American students, it is pretty clear that education in London is good. It cannot be only because of the language.

Here are some benefits that I’ve gathered from my own experience and the stories of my friends.

  1. Historical sights meet you at every corner. Think about all those castles you can visit! Besides, even abroad students can visit most museums for free. The list of free things includes many other tiny services that make the life of a student more interesting and carefree.
  2. Food. I admit, British food is strange sometimes. But usually, it is very tasty and unique. The drinks also have their own unique traits that we don’t have in the U.S. If you are a fan of tea, this is definitely the place for you.
  3. Beautiful parks. The bare stone scenery of metropolises has nothing to do with London. The city is full of beautiful parks. There are large areas of green scattered throughout the city!
  4. Language. I’m not talking here about the accent; this is a very personal thing to consider. What I mean is that my own native language never ceases to surprise me when I’m visiting London. Every time, I learn new words. Or relearn the old ones.
  5. Take advantage of traveling. Though many planes heading to Europe are not very comfortable, they are cheap. First of all, you can travel around Great Britain finding out more new places. Then, you can take advantage of the low-cost lights to Europe and start exploring it as well.
  6. Diversity. London gathers so many diverse people from various countries and backgrounds that you can endlessly learn new things about other cultures. Make new friends from the most unexpected places of the Earth and connect with many abroad students studying there as well.
  7. All-around education. In addition to getting quality education in the university, you’ll learn about independence, living in a big city, traveling rules, and develop your communicational skills.

This is the full list of the main advantages.

Jessie Thompsona year ago

Yes, there are many advantages to studying abroad in London. I have to agree with all those points. However, nothing is perfect. There some downsides that may annoy you or spoil your vision of the ideal city.

First of all, the exchange rate is a little scary. Living in London is not cheap at all. So, you better look for a scholarship of some kind to help you ease the expenses.

That British accent that many people love just confuses the others. Often, you can’t understand what people around you are saying. Besides, that diversity means that there are even more accents around you and everyone speaks differently.

Moreover, think about all that rain and mist! Weather is not the best part of the city’s atmosphere. If you are used to the sunny climate, the transition to London may be accompanied by depression once the initial excitement leaves you.

All in all, London is great and education there is top-notch. Don’t be afraid of those disadvantages. If you want to study in London, go get it.

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