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What is ISA study abroad?

I always hear about ISA study abroad, but I have no idea what it is. What or who are they? What do they offer? I would like to study abroad in Korea. I have heard a lot about this country, South Korea is special, and I like the programs they are offering. I have a particular bias towards technology, so I would like to study at the place called the home of Samsung and Hyundai. Alternatively, I will opt for UK universities if Korea is not available. Would you advise me how to achieve my goal?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on March 30, 2018

Saying ISA and study abroad in the same sentence, is actually saying the same thing twice. ISA stands for International Studies Abroad. ISA is an organization that links students with courses offered at different affiliate universities in different parts of the world. It helps students in identifying courses, checking study costs and getting course requirements. More information can be found on their site at The following facts are important to note about international studies.

  • Through ISA you get to choose country, institution, and course you want. So if you want to undertake your studies abroad in Korea, then you can easily do so through ISA. There are a big number of Korean universities on offer at the ISA online portal. You will get the details about your desired course to make an informed choice. The costs involved are also well covered.
  • Universities in the UK are also on offer with specific details about qualifications, admission criteria, and costs for different courses on offer.
  • Sometimes, depending on the country you come from, you may be required to do interim courses to qualify for the university degree studies in some countries. ISA provides you with the requisite information on how to do these courses. In other cases, you will only need to have your current qualifications equated to existing qualifications in your target country of study. The portal can also give you guidelines on this.
  • ISA also offers opportunities for intensive language courses to prepare you for your target country. They also offer gap year programs, in which students can volunteer in their target country before commencing studies. The gap year usually occurs between high school and university, when students are no involved in studies.
  • It is not all about studies though. One can also get a teaching job and other work opportunities through ISA. This can come in handy for professionals seeking employment opportunities in foreign countries.
  • You also have the opportunity to choose the duration of your study. You can choose to study all year round or during a specified portion of the year only. This is particularly important if you are employed and only have limited time to pursue your studies.
  • Since you are mainly interested in technology, you will be properly guided on which universities offer the courses in Korea.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

The ISA study abroad program definitely offers potential students much information of how to pursue international studies. However, you should not limit yourself to only one portal when seeking such studies. There are education department websites in the specific countries you wish to study in. You should check these out too before you finally decide. I have a problem with relying on only one source of information since there is so much they cannot tell you. For instance, there are some immigration issues in your own country of origin which they know nothing about. Moreover, you may sometimes get a language course as part of your program in the university you join. ISA will not mind you enrolling in a similar course that can be superfluous. It is therefore important to go on the website of the institution you wish to join, even if you have identified it through ISA.

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