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What is ICS Canada and is it a scam?

Whitney Matthews

in Online Courses

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on December 8, 2018

ICS Canada provides accredited courses for distance learning. However, be sure to read, and double read your initial contract, make motes of each of the sections for a quick further review of its course. They provide significant information about the course in the initial contract that you will not mention or provide you with access except in the original document. The information, such as the course of time. ICS provides each student with an online home page specific to them and their course. Will send the information of the emails all the time on the home page, but they never remind you that the deadline. The reasoning for this is every time a student falls past this deadline you are cut off of your course and the course material that they have not yet received and the only way to temporary continue is to pay an additional fee. As well, information on helpful information such as teacher contact is not readily available for a student and can take a bit of work, not just track down but to utilize. in the two years of my course I was able to get assistance with my course twice. As a former student of this institution, I would like to warn potential students to be careful with this company and do in-depth research before agreeing and signing a contract with them.

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