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What is happening with the U.S. public education reform?

I know that there is constantly some news about our school system, the changes and concerns of our government about it, and so on. However, I think this is just “much ado about nothing.” Has there been any significant and good ed reform during the last five years? I don’t think I have heard about any. What is with our public education reform? What are your opinions? Are we moving anywhere?

Education reform topics are constantly popping on TV and on the web. Is it just a scam? I’ve heard something about education reform 2016. What happened to it?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

1 answer

Aaron Lee on June 15, 2018

I don’t think much happens with the U.S. public education right now. There are talks about implementing something new from time to time, but they are just words. I am as confused as you are right now.

For the past years, the rest of the world has been changing, adapting, and altering their education systems. At the same time, we remain silent. Yeah, why should we change anything? I’m sure our politicians think just the same way. While it works, while people apply for enormous loans for universities, they won’t change a thing. In the meantime, I’ve read that almost 70% of American students don’t get qualified lessons and skills to prosper in the modern world. 70%! It’s concerning to hear this scary number. It means that our own system is of poor quality.

Education reform in America has an interesting history but boring present. We need to change it and fast. If not, half of the country will be buried under their huge loans, and the other one will simply complete online courses without even getting a diploma.

An education reform topic is a hot issue that has dealt with as fast as possible. Though, I think, the government and many other organizations only benefit from those loans and the lack of funding.

If you want to look through the education reform timeline of the recent decades, I’ve found a good page for you - Of course, these are not all of them here, only the most influential ones,

As you see, there are not many of them. Compared with some European countries, this is a very short list.

I think our country is in need of a reform for public education.

There is one interesting education reform initiative I fully support right now. The American Center for Transforming Education wants to prepare its students for actual demands and interviews for the real marketplace. There are several phases the group is ready to embrace and a good team to work on the project and help people. It includes people of various backgrounds and professions from teachers to designated officials. I hope it really powers up our education system.

As for the education reform of 2016, I don’t think I can give an answer right now. What is the name of the reform or a movement you are talking about?  

Cynthia Bakera year ago

Well, I don’t think a question was really about one particular education reform of 2016. Is it connected with the election and the standard candidates’ promises of policy changes?

Students of any kind have a permanent place in the presidential campaign of any politician. Isn’t it because the quality of education is poor here? I just hope at least one of them fulfills all those promises and make those reforms really work.

Yes, this is not easy but neither is teaching and learning. 2016 brought many responsibilities for teachers. Yes, they are already in charge of everything. Now, even tasks are given to them.

School funding is still distributed unevenly. I still cannot decide whether it is good or not.

Anyway, I've found an article about popular education reform trends of 2016 - 

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