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What is Halloween City?

I would have thought that it was a theme park, but a friend recommended me to go to Halloween City if I wanted to buy scary Halloween costumes. Yes, I am looking for costumes but I do not want to invest much money in that this year. Some cheap Halloween costumes will be nice for me.

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on October 22, 2018

It is true that its name can be misleading but walking through its aisles you may actually feel like visiting a theme park. Halloween City store is a specialized place in selling items related to, as you already guessed, Halloween.

In this store, you will find the traditional costumes of this season: monsters, vampires, mummies, and werewolves. But there are also more colorful costumes: superheroes, popular professions costumes. They may not be as scary as the first ones, but they are also nice. Some accessories that go together with the costumes are included in their price. But if you want, you can buy more accessories. This store has a large array of them.

Most people come to this place to buy scary costumes for Halloween. If this is the type of costume that you are looking for, you should not take long to choose yours. Buying at the last minute may not be a good idea since your choices will be reduced. You may not find the costume that you want or it may be a low-quality piece of clothing.

One of the reasons that have made popular this store is that it sells cheap costumes for Halloween. While this can have some drawbacks, it definitely gives the opportunity to choose a costume among a wide selection to those people who do not want to spend lots of money on Halloween articles. Besides costumes, it is possible to find here some indoor and outdoor decorations for your home.

In spite of the low prices that attract many customers, you should be aware that buying some of the cheap items that you find in this store may have drawbacks. The common downside of buying cheap merchandise in this as in any other shop is related to its quality. Do not be surprised if your costume needs some quick fixes to get a perfect fit.

If you want a costume that you may be able to use several times this year and then keep it to use it again next year, you may consider looking for a higher-quality costume at 

Caroline Campbell10 months ago

I like to wear very scary costumes for Halloween. Now that I am an adult, I like it. But when I was a child, I preferred wearing funny costumes. Not only because everybody around seemed to like them, but also because that type of costume is very easy to wear. Now I often wear heavy costumes and sometimes I need two, or even more hours, to have my make-up ready. But I do not complain, because I have already won several contests using that kind of elaborate costumes. Some of them are expensive, but I just see them as an investment, and winning costume contests is a way to get my money back. Sometimes I have bought cheap costumes to change them and make them creepier. It is a cheap option, but it takes time to get a good result. 

Nicholas Rivera10 months ago

I have bought a couple of costumes from Halloween City. I remember that I went to that store because I had been invited to several costume parties and needed a costume. That specialized store is very nice for people in a similar situation because they have many cheap Halloween costumes that can fit everybody. And they also sell make-up and accessories if your costume needs them. To be honest, I must say that my costumes were not very nice, but as a last-minute option, they were acceptable.  

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