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What is great about Forecastle lineup of 2018?

My friends have told me that you can buy tickets to the Forecastle festival a couple of days before it at resale dealers. So, I’m glad I have a chance to finally visit it. However, I don’t know the Forecastle festival lineup of 2018 at all. Are there any good artists? Which part of Forecastle lineup do you like and wait for the most?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on July 9, 2018

Yes, there are dealers who can sell you last-minute tickets to Forecastle festival. If you are ready to pay twice as much as the regular tickets welcome to the fest. You won’t regret visiting it this year.

Well, Forecastle festivals are always great because the hosts know what artists people like the most. In 2018, you’ll have a great chance to see such artists as:

PVRIS, a band that masterfully combines mystery and rock. They have already performed on various TV shows and gained massive popularity after the visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! They will perform on Saturday, the best day of the event, to my mind. You can listen to their songs on YouTube, just look through the vids with millions of views. At the Kentucky festival though, we’ll hear the fresh songs of their new album!

Arcade Fire. For me, this is the most anticipated performance of the evening. As far as I remember, they should close the festival performing late in the evening on Sunday. This is the grand finale of the whole lineup of Forecastle festival. Though the guys are from Canada, they are massively popular among my friends from America. They’ve already won two Grammys and were named the greatest live band in the world by Telegraph. Can you imagine the scale of them? So, if you haven’t heard them live yet, you better hurry to look up those resale tickets, no matter how much they cost. Are you excited yet?

If not, I’ll give you a few more names of the lineup at Forecastle. Chris Stapleton, a notable Nashville star, Modest Mouse, the epitome and gold standard of indie rock from the 90s, Houndmouth with their unique folk-rock, and so on. All these names are popular and demand your attention. To see their performances, you can postpone all your work and find enough time to visit the event.

While I hope I’ve told you enough to convince you to come, here is the whole lineup Look it up yourself and, maybe, you will find those musicians who inspire you even more. 

Jordan Sotoa year ago

In addition, I’d like to mention a cool duo that is often overlooked compared to such stars. However, the guys deserve your attention. Initially created as a DIY project, this band often neglected its promotion. Its members, Josephine and Anthony didn’t even try to become widely known. Popularity came to them on its own and made them share their works with the public.

This year, the Forecastle festival made the right choice to invite the guys to be a part of this grand event. They already have experience touring the country and performing live, so, their part of the fest should be upbeat and professional.

Another band to look forward to is the White Reaper. This is also a fresh project that has a bit of experience performing live for fans. The boys are bold and ambitious. Their music and vibes grab your attention and don’t release you until you hear enough of their music to become a true fan. 

Cynthia Bakera year ago

I can also add that there’ll be several amazing DJs who won’t give us time to relax even for a minute. I’ve heard a few of their works and think that this is the best “energy drink” for all guests of the Forecast festival who have to be active for three days straight.

This year, the Forecastle lineup includes DJ Bombshell, DJ Samosa, DJ Alli, and a few other notable names of the sphere.

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