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What is Gold Star Mothers Day?

Recently, I’ve noticed a few posters saying something about the Gold Star Mother’s Day event. So, I wonder what it is. Is it the second Mother’s Day? Why Gold Star Mothers Day? What is Gold Star? This is one of the most interesting upcoming events of the month and I don’t even know what it means.

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on September 21, 2018

The history behind this date turns out to be very interesting. It appears that a Gold Star Mother is actually a mother of a service person who’ve recently died. This is a title no mother would want upon herself or her family. However, once a Gold Star mother, a woman wears the distinction with honor. Nothing can be done about her loss, but she can honor the memory of her child by being proud of his services for the country.

So, surely, there should be a special holiday for such women. So, here’s the day for Gold Star Mothers. It’s an annual event held on the last Sunday of September which is actually very soon. So, you are right on time with your questions.

Actually, this is not surprising that you don’t know this day. It is rarely discussed outside of the military circle. However, I believe that those posters with special Gold Star Mother’s Day events are a good thing and they can attract the attention of the society to such heroic women whose loss should be respected by the whole country considering the cause that their children were serving for.

Actually, this name isn’t exactly correct. So, the full name is Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day. So, not the whole family deserves the support from the government and other people.

If you want to visit this upcoming event, you are free to join any community as the military are not excluding other people and would accept the support of others gladly. There is actually a whole organization to help them and you can become a part of it.

The Gold Star Mothers themselves have a higher goal and raise funds for veterans and active military personnel year-round. Being a part of the huge family, they know how much support other people need, especially when there is no close family to do it for them. So, the upcoming Gold Star Mother Day is your opportunity to do a kind deed and improve your karma.

Larry Warren7 months ago

Though the public life of the whole country isn’t affected by Gold Star Mother’s Day, the military community is the one to actually feel it. Once you join this family, you bring all your relatives to it and the families that have experienced such loss due to the service of their children are a concern of the whole community. It’s always good to know that people from the outside notice such nuances of the military life and care about other people. All military upcoming events should be more popularized.  

Jordan Soto7 months ago

There’s a bit more to know about the Gold Star organization. This is a group of mothers and other people who show their concern for the military families and help veterans. They are all about support, no matter what is needed. In some cases, they help financially and look for benefactors willing to help. In other cases, the organization offers mental help and moral support that is often needed even more than any physical goods.

Gold Star Mother Day is a great opportunity to present yourself to the public and, I believe, that’s the goal of the organization. Well, in addition to gathering grieving families and showing their concern.

The community is very supportive of each other and often visits those confined to hospitals to show that there are still people who care and won’t leave veterans and their families.  

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