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What is FAS?

Mindee Nelson

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Melissa Norris on July 24, 2018

The Fetal alcohol syndrome. There is no scientific support for the type of hysteria widespread that it permeates public discussion on fetal alcohol syndrome. Many of the people who falsely believe that even a single drink during pregnancy can cause FAS. If this were true, the majority of the populations of dozens of countries around the world suffer the effects of FAS! Some pregnant women have actually become frantic upon realizing they had inadvertently eaten salad that had wine vinegar, fearing that their children, born suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome. Of course, the wine, the vinegar, being vinegar, contains no alcohol. In reality there is absolutely no evidence that light drinking, even on a daily basis, leads to fetal alcohol syndrome. In reality, the majority of women who are light or moderate drinkers choose not to drink during pregnancy. The real problem is often found among the heavy drinkers, who most often are alcoholics consuming heavily on a daily basis during your pregnancy. In addition, those who give birth to FAS children characteristically smoke, use illegal drugs, are frequently malnourished, and rarely receive adequate medical attention during pregnancy. And drinking alcohol during pregnancy has not declined among women over time. Because of their addiction, these women are virtually immune to our current educational approach. This can also be due to the fact that many of these women are poorly educated and often lead marginal lives. This is the target group of our efforts and resources should be targeted in a massive campaign to reach out to these women the necessary help and treatment. It's not going to be cheap nor easy, but is essential if we seriously want to reduce the incidence of fetal alcohol syndrome.

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