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What is false consciousness?

Chelsea Hayes

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1 answer

Ashley Howard on April 25, 2019

The False Consciousness . The false consciousness is the thesis Marxist of that material and institutional processes in capitalist society are misleading to the proletariat, and other classes. These processes betray the true relations of forces between the classes, and the real state of the affairs on the development of pre-socialist society (relative to the secular development of human society in general).. This is essentially a result of ideological control which the proletariat do not know they are under or disregard with a view to their own of poum (probability/possibility of upward mobility) [1] . Of poum or something like it is required in economics with its presumption of rational agency; otherwise wage laborers would be the conscious supporters of social relations that are contrary to their own interests, violating that presumption. My source was wikipedia.

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