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What is exactly the board of education?

I am interested in doing research on education, and I have come across a few terms that I don’t really understand. I would like to know more information about higher education policy in general and educational evaluation process that is followed in most of the countries worldwide. I also hope that someone working in a public university can tell me about some of the problems in higher education and the board of education. Thank you so much for your help in advance.

Whitney Matthews

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on April 27, 2018

I am an experienced university professor, and I have been working as a professor for the last five years. Thus, I believe I can help you with what you are looking for, and I wish that you may find my answer useful in your research. The education board is usually a board that is founded in every educational district, and it consists of some of the teaching members, the trustees, and the directors of a school or a university. This could be in a local school district or within an educational administration.  The elected members of the educational board help determine the educational policies in small regional areas. The name of the board is usually referred to the school system that is under the control of the board. I think that it is very important for every district to have an education board that should represent the members of the education system and does its best to improve the educational process of students in its region or area. Education boards in the United States date back to 1674, which is the date of the formation of the American public school system. About the high education policy, it is mainly a newspaper that reaches an international group of people who are mostly interested in higher education. Policy-makers, managers, practitioners, and administrators who work in higher education are also usually very interested in following the news of the journal. It requires a subscription so that academic members can get to its publications and news, and I believe it contributes to the overall wellbeing of the higher education process in the world. The evaluation of education is a process that is followed in almost all schools and international academic institutions. Its main aim is to evaluate a student who is willing to continue his studies or enroll in a university. Also, educational institutions sometimes need the necessary evaluation data to demonstrate effectiveness to its stakeholders. Problems in high education have been there for a long time, and I believe that they are related to the expensive fees that a student has to pay in order to get bachelor’s degree. They could also be because some students have to relocate to another location so that they can study in the university that they want, but online education now has made it much easier for everyone.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I am glad that technology and the Internet have made it much easier right now for everyone. I am now studying at an online university, and it is great that I can study and learn from anywhere I want without having to be at a certain location.  I am sure that online education and online universities, in general, have made the problems in higher education much less than they used to be before. Now students can even work in the morning and study at night if they are located in a different time zone, which will make them able to attend their daily classes online and do whatever they want to do in the rest of the day. Some of my colleagues like to travel, and they go to live in a different country every couple of months while studying in our university online. I think this is really great and I can’t wait to do the same.

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