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What is contained in the American education act?

I am supposed to write this paper on the American education act. I don’t know where to start so I hope you can help me. I am supposed to include an inspirational speech about education, by at least one renowned scholar or historical public figure. My paper is about the role of education in the modern day society. It will really help me if you throw in a few hints on what this role is. It will also help to point out to what extent the role has been met.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on August 16, 2018

There are a lot of education acts in America. You will need to choose one of them. If you want a place to start, then that will be the Equity and Excellence in American Education Act of 2015. The aim of the act is to create an equitable and excellent education system accessible to every child in every locality within the country. Through the act, states are to receive grants commensurate with their efforts in improving education quality and access, especially for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. In a nutshell, the grants would support all efforts to improve the quality of education delivered in all schools districts of each state.

There are two other issues you raise in your question.
The first is about an inspirational speech on education. The one I can pick for you straight away, from among many others, is Barrack Obama’s Banneker High School speech of 2016. The speech was delivered towards the tail end of his presidency. In it, he noted that the efforts they had put in as government to get more students to graduate from high school had greatly paid off. They had achieved an 89% graduation rate countrywide, which was the highest in American history. He emphasized that through the concerted effort of state actors, teachers, students and parents, this improvement had been attained. You can get the rest of the speech from the given link. What is most notable is that the goals set out in the 2015 Act were being achieved.

You also ask an important question on the roles of education in modern day society. I use roles in plural deliberately, since there is a multiplicity of them. The most appealing role these days is to develop the learner to fit well into the society, by instilling the skills and discipline necessary for them to socialize with others and take care of the environment. Then comes in the need to develop society, and education is meant to enable learners to do just that. So you can see that they are numerous. To help narrow it down, you can check the Unesco definition of education. Here it is all about enabling people to transform society and to live amicably with one another. The bottom-line is that the society is bad in many ways, which only educated people can change. Part of this change is to live peacefully together.

Tad Fraziera year ago

The role of education to me varies slightly from those described here. Education is meant to enlighten a person about what exists in the world. What one does with that knowledge is a matter of personal choice. The recent emphasis on action emanating from education is a little misplaced as far as I am concerned. What of the people who gain knowledge and then impart it to others in the form of teaching. Are they not educated? Isn’t it ironical that the people whose role is to spread education are left out in the Unesco scheme of things? There is a narrow sense in which you can say that teaching is changing the world. George Bernard Shaw did not think much of that. He said those who can, do; those who can’t, teach. I think it is not just about changing the world, it is also about simply learning.  

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