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What is considered the highest level of education?

I am interested in successful studying and want to complete my education to the highest level of education. I want to know what basic levels of studying I have to complete starting from the levels of college education. What are the basic degrees and how much time is required to complete one degree? Kindly explain what basic levels of study should be completed before seeking masters in higher education. Also explain the importance of higher education and elaborate on the role of highest education in career opportunities and what is the importance of research and professional education.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on August 28, 2018

Education degrees follow the rules and regulations of international standards to distinguish different levels of studies. There are some variations in the names of degrees in different countries but most of them have same standard time duration and pre requirements. You can see the levels of education with respect to different countries at the following link.

Basic Levels of Education: 
We can generally categorize the levels in education from basic to the highest level of degrees as follows.

1st level: Associate's degrees. Associate degrees are classified into an undergraduate academic degree awarded to those who complete two years of coursework after high school.
2nd level: Bachelor's degrees.
3rd level: Master's degrees.
4th level: Doctoral Degree.
5th level: Experience-based degrees.

Basic fields that we choose for every level of college education play very important role. Every degree subjects is considered in evaluating your chances of being selected for a specific program of education. I think you must know what subjects are of your major interest so that you can easily manage your studies. At every stage you have a choice of subjects, which gives you the opportunity to alter your curriculum but this opportunity ends on the bachelor degree. Because in this 4 year program you learn advance knowledge of the field and you are considered field specific.

According to your basic fields of study you can chose multiple courses of the same fields for a higher degree. Masters of higher education could be valuable only if you can work hard on a specific subject and can do something new. Actually higher education gives you the opportunity to practice some new research technique or methodology that has some advance knowledge from the past. So you must have interest oriented approach for acquiring higher degree education.

With the increase in the level of education demand for knowledge of the subject also increases. So you need to be prepared for future studying by utilizing your current study time effectively to improve your grades in present level of education. Acquiring education in the field of your interest is necessary to achieve highest degree because higher degree demands applicable knowledge to prove your concept. So find the subject that interests you so that you do not get bored from research on the subject. If you will study your favorite subjects you will stay motivated to fulfill your plan, otherwise it will become a burden for you.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

After completing the levels of college education you can go further to get a master’s or doctorate degree in any field of your interest. You will build the basic concepts of practically implementable knowledge through different course books and practical exercises. If you will secure good grades in your bachelor degree you will be able to find scholarships or grants for further higher education degree as most of the master level researches are funded and you just need to be prequalified to start that research. If you will have good grades in the specific field then it will be easy for you to get a better opportunity.  

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