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What is considered highly educated?

I have heard that demand for education is on its peak due to great competition in the world. What can I do to be highly educated? I came to know that planning is necessary for a better career. I have completed my college education in science. I need to know what to do to get better opportunities in future. What fields are there and how should I approach careering and achieving goals? I know that for a better career it is necessary to be a good manager. So please kindly describe how I should proceed to receive highly valuable knowledge for better understanding of my future studies.

Jan Berry

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Kathy Robinson on August 27, 2018

It’s true that we are facing competition in our daily life. From birth to death we are working and using our minds either in a direction or just wasting time and being lazy. Highly educated persons work for objectives and achieve goals by sticking to the plan. Whatever situation they have they face bravely and have trust in them. They have more knowledge than average people have and they are humble, soft, forgiving, hardworking, confident and consistent.

For course work after college education you should proceed for a professional course. In your education at college you confront basic concepts that are still applicable at the higher levels of study. On the ground of basic concepts of the field you build major complex concepts. In the university education you will be given opportunity to read books, practice exercises and prepare documents. So you need to work on your studying routine and give your best with the help of different books related to the subject. Also, you acquire information from highly recommended internet resources.

Educated people don’t waste their education time because this is the golden period where you have all the opportunities. If you study well and earn good grades you can win scholarships for higher levels of study. That also provides better opportunities for your future careering.

You have passed general subjects in high school so with little work at the beginning you will be able to understand the complex theories in major subjects. Subject at the start will recap your basic concepts and will modify them with exercises. You need to work at the start of your university education and have to do more work than average of your class fellows do. It will improve your grades and have an easier time with complex assignments. In future it will make you able to understand your career direction. You just need to start your work from first day and keep working hard until the last day and you will see the reward in the end.

You need to focus on your teacher and his words during the lecture. If you note down the key terms of the lecture you can search books and related material to deepen your knowledge on the topic. If you are caught up to the course work you will be ready for quizzes and surprise tests.

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

After high school everyone is very energetic and wants to do something bigger after starting higher education. The main tip - if you try to be consistent in your work routine then you can become a highly educated person. The subject of your studies gives you the necessary knowledge, and your daily work routine gives you management skills. You need to learn from the difficulties and tough situations that you face in your life. Once you have a mistake you need to realize it and next time avoid it — this is how one could be educated. Every successful person faces failures; the difference between a successful person and a loser is that a successful person learns from his mistake. If you face failure that means you have done something wrong or there is some space that is not filled.  

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