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What is Cline of vocabulary?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on February 6, 2019

Cline of vocabulary means 'gradations of meanings', as reflected in the different words that you can use, or is used, to refer to aparticular idea or concept. For example, with regard to the 'cost' of an item seen in a store, asimple range of expressions in the vocabulary cline of 'cost' of mightbe: . cheap , inexpensive , reasonable , pricey , expensive . All of the words or expressions in this cline are marginally differentfrom each other, however, each refers to 'cost'. In this case areindicators of degree/ magnitude and/or of attitude to the cost! It IS USEFUL to know a series of words related to the differentconcepts so that we can more clearly express and, if necessary,more precisely define what we mean. IN the CONVERSATION there is often an array of vocabulary clines takingplace almost simultaneously, as each speaker is made, andrefines what they or the other person has said. An analysis ofalmost all of the conversations, reveals that the use of vocabularyclines is fundamental for the discussion and communication of ideas,especially when there are subtleties in the sense that they need to beclarified so that both parties can, perhaps, move towards closeragreement, or, if not, at least to a better understanding of theother view. IN ADDITION to vocabulary clines to be vital to communication, thegreater the range of clines in a language, the greater is thelanguage of value as a tool for open and creative expression.

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