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What is Bonfire Night in the UK?

Where I come from, we don’t have a holiday with such a name. So, what is Bonfire Night? What are the traditional Bonfire Night UK celebrations? How do I join them? It’s always fascinating to become a part of something new and exciting. Are there any Bonfire Night London events I should attend? Do all people celebrate Bonfire Night in the UK?

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on October 30, 2018

When I came to the UK, Bonfire Night was also unknown to me. Well, I’ve heard of it before but never participated. In fact, this is a great holiday that is one of a kind. It’s deeply connected with the history of the country and the events that happened hundreds of years ago. It’s also known as Guy Fawkes Night in Great Britain. It’s celebrated annually on November 5.

Of course, there are several other Bonfire Night traditions throughout the world, but they are just various days that include fire rituals and traditions that have nothing in common with this UK holiday. Thus, it should be separated from the Walpurgis Night known in Scandinavia and Germany, St. Jone’s Eve in Spain and Portugal, and Northern Ireland’s Eleventh Night. These are separate holidays that have their own perks, but the most vivid of them is Guy Fawke’s one. So, let’s discuss its significance and meaning.

In the UK, Bonfire Night is what is also known as Firework Night, a holiday that carries historical significance. It’s celebrated on November 5 to commemorate the failure of a conspiracy group in their attempt to kill King James I. This event was known as the Gunpowder plot. The mentioned group placed countless explosives under the House of Lords. However, the explosion was averted. In celebration of the crisis aversion, people lit bonfires around London. Later, it became an annual holiday celebrated across the Commonwealth. However, the true traditions are preserved in the UK.

There are many London Bonfire Night events you may want to visit for the first time. However, the most important of them is the burning of the “guy.” In addition, many places around the city offer spectators fireworks that begin as soon as dusk begins. The whole evening is filled with fireworks that are set off in various locations including Alexandra Palace, Wimbledon, and Paddington. Private parties and light shows are organized that day as well.

That’s a huge event. Though not all people consider the significance of the historical events, everybody wants to look at the fire shows and fireworks. So, the UK Bonfire Night is a favorite holiday of all.

Noel Byrda year ago

Bonfire Night UK celebrations are truly different from those other nation’s holidays you’ve mentioned. Walpurgis Night, for example, is connected with Saint Walpurga, her movement against witches, and the use of her names in prayers on the Witches’ Night. As you see, the roots are completely different, those both days feature bonfires.

As for the Bonfire Night London events, we see those fireworks for a few days starting from November 2-3 and up till the 5th. So, this whole Bonfire Night 2018 weekend will be full of lights and flashes.

Kurt Pricea year ago

Fire is fascinating. No wonder people love this holiday. Though I’m a historian and know the significance of the events taking place in 1605, I must admit that the Bonfire Night traditions alone make this holiday fascinating. I know that many people just like that ritual of burning a Guy and don’t even question it. They just light fire everywhere and rejoice the beautiful view. In London and in many other UK cities, firefighting services work ten times as hard because of the numerous pyrotechnic incidents happening. This only proves the appeal of any holiday connected to bonfires and fireworks.

Anyway, I believe that spending Bonfire Night in London is the best decision as this city features the most attractions on this day.

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