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What is better a BA or BS?

Jodi Brooks

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Kevin Sutter on January 16, 2018

It is not that one is better than the other, it is just that they are a little different in approach and focus particular to a field of study. Please read the following information carefully. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Science (BS or BSc) are similar in some countries that are the most common of undergraduate degrees. In the united States and Canada (except Quebec), both degrees incorporate a component of general education (matriculants take courses in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics). Typically require students to declare an academic major, take a certain number of elective courses, and sometimes have basic skills components (writing or computer proficiency exams), however, in countries that do not require a component of general education-such as Australia and the European Union-the subjects studied likely are different in each grade. In many cases, an academic minor or second major is also obtained. In some institutions, a small number of academic programs are considered to be comprehensive and does not require a minor area of study. The bachelor's degree typically specifies more courses in the major (or related fields) which have the degree of bachelor. The BA focuses on creating a well-rounded graduate through formal study of the arts, letters and humanities. The bachelor's degree tends to be awarded more often in the natural sciences (and, to some extent, the social sciences) than in humanities. In the united States, the BSc is often awarded in pre-professional careers rather than purely academic. Beyond these differences, the variation between the ba degree and the bachelor's degree depends on the policies of the colleges and universities. Often, this can manifest in unusual ways; for example, physics and biology majors are often given BA degrees, while business majors are sometimes given to BSc degrees. For example, the University of California at Berkeley awards only the bachelor's degree in astronomy, physics, statistics and mathematics, while offering only the bachelor's degree in business for undergraduate students. Source: Wikipedia

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