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What is an international week in relation to education?

I believe we have a responsibility to participate in education, not only while in school but also after completing our studies at each level. I feel people who are supposed to provide the right guidance on global weeks on studies are not interested in education issues, they only come up during the ed week and when it is done, they wait for a new year to attend again. They have taken international education days to be events to attend rather than a lifestyle to be followed.  So what is an international week in relation to education?

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on June 22, 2018

It is true that many individuals are not concerned about the quality of education after they are done with their studies. The sad truth is that students may never fight to get the quality they deserve.  The only people who can fight are those who know the benefits and the market demands. These are individuals who have graduated. Currently, I have seen many nations change their education systems because of the prevailing international conditions on education. Every nation wants to compare itself to another in terms of education. It is unfortunate that the key players are not always swift to effect change in the sector when need arises. They claim to be doing investigations that never end. We only see the interest of various organizations during the education’s week-it is a duration of a single week where nations come together to discuss the future of global education. I believe that when we take the shared responsibility and every person plays his or her role, we will achieve the best for individual nations and internationally. We need to be enthusiastic about education. The global weeks should serve as a reminder and reflection of what we have and need to do to better education. We should not always wait for these days before we start some important steps to change what we need to change in education. The education week can also refer to an award-winning news organization that cover K-12 education.  It provides analysis, explanatory, news and journalism investigation. It is all geared to enhancing education around the globe. The information is dispersed through the digital platforms, virtual, live broadcast and print media.

The current education-international is focusing on other cultures. The education has a goal to help students familiarize with global and international issues revolving around education. The idea is to foster skills to effectively work in cross-cultural environments and apply relevant information from different sources to handle educational issues around the world. I am one of the beneficiaries of the international education since I have the ability to communicate in various languages.  During the education week, nations collaborate towards a common concern and respect for other individuals and their culture.  I believe you have got the right information to your answer. Be part of the team that is interested in the world’s education. You can start by finding better ways of fostering the education at your level. 

Noel Byrd2 years ago

Technology has taken over the education systems in the world. It is unfortunate that many nations have not identified the shift to work towards it. I think education is losing its meaning because of lack of concern. The syllabus should demonstrate the needs of the current education. However, I am glad, during the international weeks; nations are exchanging ideas to help foster the words education system that will allow individuals to have a common learning. I am confident that through the internet, students can have a common program all over the world. I am specifically happy with the information you have provided. I am assured the information will help many individuals see the need of original education and put more emphasis on it. If we all develop a single mind of growing our education, it will be the best investment for our children. 

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