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What is an example of an object moving at constant speed but not constant velocity?

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Justin Parker on December 6, 2019

The earth is in orbit around the sun. It plods along in its orbit about 30 kilometers per second. But it does not move in a straight line, as you know. It is following the curve of its orbital path. The land of the inertia and the gravitational attraction between the sun and Earth are in balance here, and though its speed is constant, the direction of travel is actually changing from one moment to another. Which means that the speed changes constantly. (Note that the actual speed of the earth varies a bit throughout their orbit, but from one moment to another, the change of speed is miniscule.) The speed is the distance (displacement) per unit of time. In this case, we have 30 km/sec for the earth. But if we take into account the speed , we find that velocity is speed plus a direction vector. Despite the fact that the speed of the earth is constant in its orbit is constantly changing direction and following its orbital path. The earth has a constant speed in its orbit, but its velocity is constantly changing due to the direction in which it travels, changes from moment to moment.

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