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What is an effective method for separating a mixture of alcohol and water? A. . mixing the ingredients B. . distillation C. evaporation D. magnetism

Samantha Barber

in Chemistry

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1 answer

Mindee Nelson on May 5, 2018

Answer: Option (B) is the correct answer.Explanation:A process in which the liquid mixture is separated by selective boiling and condensation, that is known as distillation process. It is known that the boiling point of the alcohols is low, therefore, when a mixture of alcohol and water boiled, then the alcohol is evaporated from the mixture and the water remains as a liquid. Therefore, the distillation column is collect the vapors of alcohol separately and, therefore, can be separated from the water.Therefore, we can conclude that the distillation is an effective method for the separation of a mixture of alcohol and water.

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