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What is an assessment for career placement?

I have recently graduated from high school but I am not yet sure of the course I want to pursue in college. In future, I want to work in a profession that motivates and interests me. I have been researching on a career that will best suit me by taking a self-assessment test. I have also tried to answer a personality test question I found online. However, I still need help in selecting an appropriate course for college. What is an assessment test for choosing a career? Should I take a MAPP test?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on February 2, 2018

I understand the dilemma you are in as choosing a career that you will work in for the rest of your life can be a real headache. Many people are trapped in jobs that they would otherwise not have chosen. You are lucky as the internet now provides several paid and free career tests to help match you to the right career path.

Self-assessment tests for choosing a career evaluate your personality, interests, skills and goals and then matching them with fitting careers.

A mapp test is a good free online assessment that will:

  • Find career that matches with your skills and interests.

The test will ask you questions that aim at testing your skill set, hobbies and what basically interests you. This information is compared to professions out there to find a match most appropriate for you. This test will provide you with several option to choose from. You can narrow down to what you consider appropriate using other factors.

  • Identify talents that you may not be aware of.

Most of us have talents that may be useful but we are not aware of them. This is an assessment test that will also help you discover more things about yourself.

  • Show you jobs that you will most likely enjoy working in.

Research has shown that most people usually change jobs several times in their lifetime due to dissatisfactions in either the working environment or the pay. It is therefore important that you invest your time and energy in a career that you will enjoy working in. Personality test questions are used to evaluate the kind of job that will satisfy you.

  • Give you a list of careers that fall within your financial scale.

You probably have an idea of the amount of money you would like to be paid in your future job to live comfortably. This is a factor that will be evaluated in this test so that you not only find a suitable career but also one that will pay you well.

  • Help you know your weaknesses and strengths.

It is important to know personal strengths and weaknesses. The strengths will help you know where you can best apply yourself and your limitations will help you understand areas you are not best suited for. However, remember that weaknesses are just areas you need to improve on but should not prevent you from venturing into the desired field.

Caleb Jenkinsa year ago

Apart from the mapp test, I would love to recommend the Sokanu career test. This is a 20-minute-long comprehensive job test that is made up of four aspects. Each aspect allows one to move on to another. These aspects are:


Gauges if your interests will allow you to get satisfied in a particular career.


This tries to match your personality to a certain job. A high personality and job suitability will ensure that a person performs best on a particular job.


Gauges if you will work well in-office, outside, independently or with supervision. This will provide a record of whether you will be pleased with your work.


Factors such as your past job experience, education and salaries are considered so as to determine your appropriateness to a certain career.
You will be able to get a decent career idea after only five minutes of undertaking this test.

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