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What is an abacus used for?

Zach Chandler

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1 answer

Amanda Johnson on November 25, 2018

The abacus is basically the world's first mechanical calculator,and is considered a precursor of the modern computer. . Originally the abacus dates back to between 2,700 and 2,400 BCE(over 4,000 years ago) and was developed in Sumeria. It is actuallya the calculation of the aid and not an automatic device. . Originally it may have been used by the warehouse manager, the dealers andgovernment officials that are needed to perform basic calculations. . The system uses a series of pebbles (or beads) placed incolumns on a board or connected to a chain. Each column representeda multiple of 10; to produce the number 634 would be to place 6beads in the 100's column, 3 accounts in 10 of the column, and 4 beadsin the 1 of the column. By the addition and the deduction of accounts could quicklyand with precision relatively complex calculations withouthaving to try to keep all the numbers in your head while doingso. . The above example is just that, an example, older civilizationsdid not use exactly the same counting system that we do today, someused multiples of 5, where as other used a 10-digit number. . The abacus is still in use today and is used to teach childrenthe basic of mathematics, some rural areas still depend on them asthey are robust, cheap and do not have batteries.

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