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What is adult learning and where is it taught?

I would like to understand adult learning in a better way and know where this kind of education is offered. What adult education courses does it offer and who teach adults? I am interested in knowing how one can enroll in online continuing education. Besides online registration, where else can one find an adult education school with actual teachers and learning facilities and how much is it charged for this type of education? Is this kind of education sponsored by the government?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on July 23, 2018

By the time people reach adulthood, they are more or less responsible and able to make choices that impact their lives and determine their success. Adult education is learning that is directed to adults, just like the name suggests. Adults hoping to further their education out of their own will enroll in classes. Since the students here are focused and not forced to come to school, the process of teaching them becomes focused on the main things. Adult education is taught in adult learning schools, which are usually run by communities but highly funded by the respective local government.

Adult students will enroll in schools that have this kind of program and start classes which are structured in a way to make the learning simpler and at the same time consider the needs of adults like work and family. The time schedules are flexible to help these people who most of the time have other responsibilities attend classes. As I had mentioned earlier, the focus is more on the student rather than the teacher; this is what the principle of andragogy is all about. Adults will learn best when it is the right time for them to study and there are positivity and encouragement. In these schools, they give students a lot of freedom to learn and discover on their own.

Apart from attending classes at the school, adults have an option of joining the online continuing learning programs where they can learn from their homes and achieve their desired goals. Technology came to make our lives easier, and it has not been left behind in the spheres of adult literacy. Joining an adult school is simple. You need to search for the school that you desire. Visit the U.S. Department of state on adult education and websites to schools that you like. Look for reviews and discussions about the school on the internet and talk to people before you can enroll. You might also be interested in checking what courses in adult education are offered in the school you have chosen to see if they have diversity, quality, and of course what you are interested in. Most of these schools are started by local communities and therefore you might need to look out for the school’s facilities and teachers before making the final decision.

Roger Moore2 years ago

I feel that you did not answer the question as asked properly. The person was so much interested in knowing what adult learning is. I think you took a long route while explaining. I would simply put adult education as learning that is offered to adults who missed important basic knowledge when they were younger. For instance, a 40-year old Mexican trying to learn English here in the U.S. would be highly considered adult education as compared to a 3-year old Mexican learning the same language.

Anyway, you did a great job in elaborating the issue of where this education is taught and how to enroll. But you forgot about one critical issue of cost. The education is not fully free, and the adult learner may be required to buy some items and pay for tuition in some schools etc. 

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