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What is adult basic education?

We were recently given an assignment that really caught my interest. We were told to discuss the different education systems of different countries. I was fascinated by this assignment because I got to learn so much about educational systems that I did not know prior to the assignment.  The assignment got me wondering what happens to the people who drop out of school early. Are there any adult courses, they can take to catch up and learn basic skills and is there a centre for continuing education in every part of the world? If so, is adult ed effective and what does adult basic education include?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on February 20, 2018

In the UK and US children begin learning at the age of 5 in elementary school. However, some students drop out somewhere along the line due to financial difficulties, family circumstances and sometimes due to illness. Illiteracy in young-adults is disastrous because it not only prevents capable students from having a successful career but also prevents them from attending colleges and universities.

To deal with this problem, some adults decide to get a basic adult education. This includes programs such as the GED in the United States which is equivalent to a high school diploma or English and Mathematics GCSE’s in the United Kingdom.  Some adults decide to take a more specialized adult course that opens up opportunities for a successful career. Adults ed is available to anyone who needs it from the elderly, to prisoners, employees in the public sector, job seekers, immigrants, young adults and middle-aged individuals among others.

In most cases, these programs are entirely or partly sponsored by the government. There are different centres for continuing education. In most cases, the classes are taken in college classes, non-profit organizations, public school systems and correctional facilities for prisoners. The classes are normally offered in the evening because most adults have a number of responsibilities they have to take care of during the day. This makes learning easier and ensures everyone has enough time to attend all the classes available.

Adult learning programs differ from one country to another. However, most of these programs normally focus on teaching writing and reading.  Mathematics and numerical skills like division, multiplication, addition and subtraction are the fundamentals of most course offerings. However, this is mainly for the individuals who were not able to complete the basic education system. For job seekers, there are specific courses that individuals take to better their chances of getting employment. Some take computer classes because they are very important since we are in a technical age. Others take resume writing courses to learn the art of effective resume writing so as to improve their chances of getting employed and others choose to advance their technical vocabulary to improve their skills.

All in all, adult education is very important because it enables people who did not have the opportunity to get an education while young to catch up with their peers and take advantage of different career opportunities. It is a very good idea to take advantage of these opportunities for learning if you did not complete your education or you simply need to improve your skills.

Jessie Thompson2 years ago

I agree. Adult basic education is very important for individuals who had to drop out of school for one reason or another. However, a lot of individuals do not take advantage of these opportunities for learning because they are afraid of what people will think of them because they are learning at an old age. People assume that they will be stigmatized and this prevents them from taking the opportunity. This should not be the case. If you are considering going back to school to learn what you did not get to learn when you dropped out or you simply want to improve a skill, you should not care what other people will think. After all, the education is beneficial to you. You need to focus on the amazing opportunities you will be able to take advantage of by getting your education. Other than this, you need to do a lot of research before you enroll in any program. Find out which program will be the best for you based on your career goals and do your best to excel.

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