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What is a view buttons?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Jeffrey Rodriguez on April 14, 2020

\n. \n. \nthe View buttons appear near the bottom of the screen. Use the view buttons to change between Normal view, Slider Sorter view, and Slide show view.\n. \nNormal View \nNormal view divides the screen into three major sections: the Outline and Slides tabs, the Slide pane, and the Notes area. The Outline and Slides tabs are on the left side of the window. Allow switching between the two different ways of viewing the slides. The Slides tab shows thumbnails of the slides. The Outline tab shows the text on the slides. The Slide pane is located in the center of the window. The Slide pane displays a large view of the slide on which you are working. The Notes area appears below the Slide pane. You can write notes to yourself in the Notes area.\n. \nSlide Sorter View \nSlide Sorter view displays thumbnails of all the slides. In the Slide Sorter view, you can easily add, delete or change the order of the slides.\n. \nSlide Show \nUse the Slide show view if you want to see the slides, as you'll see in the final presentation. When in Slide show view:\n. \n. \n. \nMY SOURCE:

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