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What is a vertical line?

Blair Lewis

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1 answer

Roger Moore on October 19, 2019

The vertical line is a line with an undefined slope. Note that this is different from an infinite slope. The slope of a vertical line is said to be undefined. It can be said that go "up and down" . A vertical line is drawn on a graph by plotting x = n where n is any real number. The value of n lies in the x-axis and then a line is drawn parallel to the axis and through that x-value. Note that the y-axis itself is a vertical line. There are an infinite number of possible lines with an undefined slope, of course. Any number on the x axis can have a line drawn through it parallel to the y-axis, and one of these lines is said to be vertical, and will have a slope that is undefined.. A simpler definition say a vertical a line is a line that goes from top to bottom

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