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What is a summer study abroad program?

Please provide some information on summer study abroad programs. My friend recently asked me to get into one after coming back from a similar thing in Rio. She advised me that it provided the rare blend of education and travel. This drew me to it immediately.

Consequently, I am seeking information on where to study abroad for these programs. I also need to know the summer abroad programs on offer. I would like a brief highlight of the programs. This will be vital in helping identify the appropriate one for me.  

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on February 12, 2018

Summer studies abroad programs are learning forums that involve travel and studies. As the name suggests, they are conducted in the summer months. They provide you with an opportunity to see the world without compromising on your studies. Moreover, students make lifelong friends from the countries they visit.

Various modes of learning are used during these sessions. You might spend the summer months taking your classes at a university. On the other hand, you can choose a more practical and hands-on approach to your studies. This is by volunteering or participation.

Below are some of the programs offered. Go through it to find the most appropriate summer abroad program for you. The places mentioned therein are where you can study abroad.

CISabroad Summer Abroad Program

CISabroad is the jewel of cost-effective programs in summer. They offer programs in many parts of the world. These include classes in photography and a European tour.

CISabroad delivers so much! You get value for everything i.e. housing, tuition, orientation, and insurance. Furthermore, they promise to refund your payment if you can find a program offering similar conveniences much more cheaply. Refunds are made for not less than two months before program commencement.

TEAN Summer Abroad Program (Scholarships included)

TEAN offers a Scholarship opportunity to those who demonstrate that their program shall be a journey personal discovery. This scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, program fees, and orientation.

Additionally, TEAN awards scholarships to top students who enroll in the energy and wildlife fields in the summer program.

Wishing to study in Asia? This organization awards two scholarships to study in Korea University.

Summer Language Course sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education in Denmark

This is open to bachelors, masters, and doctorate students wishing to study in Denmark. The Higher Education Ministry in Denmark offers scholarships for language courses taken during summer months. Typically, these courses last three weeks (July –August yearly)

Scholarships may be fully covering tuition costs, accommodation or may cover only tuition fees. 5,000 Krones is awarded for living costs.

Seamester's Summer Abroad Course at Sea

This has to be the most thrilling summer program. First, it has the transatlantic summer program which entails crossing the Atlantic Ocean in just 50 days. Second, it has an exhilarating program for those of you with little time to spare. The Three-week summer program in the Caribbean gives the student an opportunity to explore the destination.

Jessie Thompsona year ago

The following are some other summer study abroad programs you should definitely check out:

The FIE Scholarships (Foundation for International Education)

This program offers Sharif Rahman Scholarships to students for summer studies. Programs are conducted in Dublin and London. It offers a grant of $1,000 to students who show unflinching commitment to study overseas encounters.

Those currently pursuing peace and conflict solving studies are eligible for the FIE peace and dispute resolution program in Jordan and Ireland. This program runs for five weeks.

CEA Study Overseas Program

This program has been around for two decades. CEA offers students with summer programs in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Through the CEA scholarships it finances program engagement for qualified students. Selection is done on merit, diversity and need.

SIT Abroad Studies (with Grants and Scholarships)

SIT offers summer programs for undergraduate students with destinations in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

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