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What is a student credit score and how is it important?

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about student credit scores and how we should pay attention to this aspect of our future “prison”. I’ve been wondering how to get credit as a student for some time. I want to buy a car, or should I say an old moving vehicle? It really doesn’t matter. The most important is the whole process of building a student credit score. Besides, how do I choose the card I want to get? There are so many questions that I’m quite lost in this whole situation. Can you explain to me the notion of credit scores and best MasterCard for students?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 31, 2018

It seems that more and more students nowadays are becoming interested in building a good credit score.

You are taking great responsibility which means that you are an adult now. To understand the whole process around credit scores, read this article Basically, it describes why the whole notion is important and what influences it. The article is very detailed and explains the situation correctly. So, I won’t be dwelling on the topic any further. Please, read it in the future to manage your debts correctly.

What I’m going to talk about are the actual credit cards. There are top picks of the best cards every year. But what is the need for a student in a credit card? The main advantage is not what you initially think – getting a lot of money. The primary reason to get it is the positive credit history that you acquire.

Most often, these cards are meant for consumers with lower income. However, you may choose any type of cards. The best choice for is Discover it for students. This is the case when students are treated as adults. You may even use the Discover it card after graduation.

BankAmericard Travel Rewards is another popular choice. The card provides a constant 1.5% reward rate on all purchases. In addition, if you get savings in this bank, you may expect a 10% bonus to your rewards.

The question of the best MasterCards for students is a hot one. The Commerce MasterCard provides the best rewards for utility services and grocery stores. There's a 25% bonus on redemptions anytime you use the rewards on student loans. Another advantage of this type of card is the free access to FICO scores. All in all, this is a good choice for any student who is focused on paying the tuition loan because the rewards and bonuses are incredible in this situation.

In addition, you get $50 cash back bonus after you use your card to make a purchase in the first 90 days after account opening. Getting 50 bucks for free is a dream of any student.

I would suggest starting your student with small steps and small purchases and see what comes next if you really want to settle the question of how to get credit as students.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

I would argue that while the list of the decent student cards is important, explaining the basics of how the process of student credit scores works is crucial. Basically, you have to keep a good credit score history to be able to use your rights to the fullest. In the case you have debts and don’t pay
your bills on time, your credit score becomes lower and lower. Being a good responsible student makes it higher. Don’t get into the “naughty list” of the government.

The key to maintaining positive records is to use any card you get responsibly. Don’t waste all your money; you’ll still have to return them. Look at this article for additional information because there are a few people to tell “the story” better than the specialists can.

In general, a credit score may play a crucial role in the job you’ll get and the kind of apartment you’ll rent.

I’d say that the moment you start worrying about building a perfect credit score, you are officially an adult.

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