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What is a Stanford Online degree and how can I get one?

How do online classes work? What tips can you offer for taking online classes? What kind of courses should I take for teaching on the college level as a career? If I can’t get a Stanford Online degree, what other distance learning colleges would offer the very best online education? I have read that Stanford is America’s very best fully accredited college in many ways. Since my very “traditional” Chinese American parents have worked very hard to help me maintain top grades while also finishing four years high school in just three years, we believe Stanford will be a good place for me to earn a teaching degree. The accelerated or coterminal Masters degree program sounds similar to the kind of course work to which I am accustomed. But I like living in Arlington, Virginia, better than California.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on July 30, 2018

The good news is that Stanford offers some of America’s best classes to take online for fun, for education, or to impress people, free of charge. The bad news is that there’s no such thing as a 100% online Stanford degree.

Stanford Online offers free online classes, as an experiment in teaching techniques and as a way to identify students who are real Stanford material. Anyone, anywhere, can sign up to take online classes. Completing them is not so easy, but may make getting into this super-competitive, nationally accredited university a bit easier.

Several regular classes are also taught online at Stanford University. The university relies heavily on e-communication and uses Internet technology in undergraduate and graduate classes. And that coterminal Masters degree program, where selected students can finish a bachelor’s degree in math, science, history, English, or “world languages” and a master’s in education at the same time < >, is a respectable credential for future college teachers.

Then there’s the Stanford Center for Professional Development, which offers continuing education for busy professionals; many of those courses are offered online.

However, although distance learning college courses are increasingly popular ways to meet educational requirements, even the best education online is not quite the same as a program where teachers know who their students are. You might be able to take one term’s worth of undergraduate “Ways” courses online, but the Graduate School of Education requires you to spend some time in California. Doctoral studies are traditionally mostly independent, but good online PhD programs also require some physical presence on campus.

Advantages of taking online courses include convenience and affordability. Disadvantages include loss of social networking opportunities and personal acquaintance with teachers. How to be a successful online student? Take the class seriously; don’t cheat yourself by skimping on the work. Read every book. Polish writing assignments until they sparkle.

Some public universities, like UF (University of Florida) Online, awards degrees based almost entirely on distance learning.Most of the nationally accredited public colleges offer online classes; all offer teacher training. Three respected online education programs include Pennsylvania State University (“Penn State”), Ohio State University (“OSU”), and Arizona State University (ASU). Other schools rated high specifically for online Master of Education (MEd) degrees are Johns Hopkins, University of Southern California, North Carolina State University, University of South Florida, and University of Georgia. Virginia International University is new but well reviewed.

Eric Batesa year ago

I’m surprised this answer did not discuss in-state tuition options, since the student mentions being a resident of Virginia. Virginia has several nationally accredited university campuses across the state. While none of them is best known as a “distance learning college,” all offer respectable education degree programs. One special thing about Virginia’s university system is that tuition rates are not only reduced for students who live in Virginia, but subsidized so they can become effectively free of charge for students who go on to teach in Virginia public schools. Take STEM education, throw in a few special education classes, teach at an understaffed school, and all you have to do to earn a MEd degree is study < >. From Arlington there’s a bus to George Mason University, but they like online learning. Most if not all degree programs in GMU’s education department are taught at least partly online.

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