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What is a rising actions?

Cynthia Baker

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Kaitlin Dean on May 7, 2018

Every story starts "at rest", and ends "at rest". Nothing much is happening to the characters of the story. Then something happens, and they react to it, and has something elseppens.... This is the "rising action" of the story; what happens when the character responds to the triggering event. Stories where nothing interesting happens, not told you. No one writes on the average of the days. "I got up, took a shower and went to work. I have solved some problems and helped my customers, and worked on some other problems, and went to lunch. Then I went back to work, and spoke to clients all day, and at 5 in the afternoon, I went home. We're having pizza." See? BOR-ring. That is my day; no one tells stories about me, because all the others have similar stories.

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