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What is a Rem choke?

Carlton Burgess

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Mindee Nelson on August 4, 2019

The Rem Choke was first marketed on the Remington 11-87 simi-automatic shotgun. This weapon was introduced in 1987, and 11-87. The Rem choke is a metal threaded tube 2 inches long threaded on the outside. The mouth of the barrel is threaded on the inside. The original Remington 1100 simi-auto had built up in the choke and the time of purchase you could only get one choke, full, modified, improved were the most common. With the 11-87, you can only buy a gun with a barrel with a Rem Choke of your choice. If your 11-87 came with a 'Full' Rem Choke for ducks and geese, and you want to shoot quail, all you need is to buy a Rem Choke in Improved Cylinder. Screw one, screw in the other. Clean,eh!

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