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What is a recruitment consultant?

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on March 22, 2019

A recruitment consultant is a person whooffers provide advice and guidance to a company in the recruitment processes. Sucha person is essential and works in close collaboration with the human resourcemanagof origin. RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT JOBDESCRIPTION A career as aRecruitment Consultant can be incredible! It is very diverse whereone day is never like the other. In its very simplistic form, yourare you with the task of finding people for jobs. As a farm agentmatches the people of the houses, the Recruitment Consultant works withcompanies looking for staff and people (Candidates) in search of new employment. When a person begins to work in a company, the company paysthe recruitment consultancy a fee which is usually between 15% and 30%. Of course, there is much more to it than that, but this is the premise. Here is a more detailed description of Recruitment Consultant JobDescription. Be a RecruitmentConsultant is also a bit of a balancing act that ensures that you haveenough jobs as well as the sufficient number of candidates to meet them. One thingthat should be clear is that the Hiring is ultimately a salescareer. You will be responsible for calling businesses to see if they can help you find new staff, and then meet that need byfinding the right person for the job. You will be 'selling' your company's customer service, as well as "sell" theopportunity for the candidate and, in addition, the "sale" of thecandidate for the client. There are objectives that is based on how manyinterviews create, new jobs that you are asked to fill out andultimately how much money you can bring to the company. The recruitment is targetdriven, but also highly rewarded (and fun!). Entry level roles start £18-22k basic with a generous commission structures that vary from 10% - 35% of which generated from the search of new jobs forpeople. Basic salaries rise rapidly with experience and success. OnTarget Earnings can be usually double the amount of your base salary if notmore. RecruitmentConsultancies vary widely from a small boutique companies thatspecialise in a niche area (Finn Grace Rec2Rec for examplepurely place candidates in Recruitment roles) through tointernational generalist companies such as Adecco. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES OFA RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT in the Development of new and existing relationships with companies assistin compliance of their requirements of full-time, temporary orcontract staff of sourcing candidates through advertising, online search database,headhunting and references Interviews with candidates both face to face and on the phone tofind about what they are looking for Headhunting candidates through direct and indirect contact normallyto fulfill a specific function in the Development of a solid understanding of your market to allow toconverse with clients and candidates about their industry the Use of social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter to sourcecandidates and customers and building relationships face-to-Face and telephone contact with new and existing customers toascertain what they are looking for in a new a member of the staff of the Negotiation of the fees paid by the client Writingof ads to attract the right candidates for the use in the job sites like Reed, Monster, etc. as well as in the specialized trade of web sites, your own web page and press. The matching of candidates to jobs, and with both partiesto sell the opportunity / candidate to see if the company andcandidate desire to see to the Preparation of candidates for interview ensuring that they needed to know about the company and the role and what the company is lookingfor client Preparation ahead of an interview to ensure that you knowwho they are meeting and their background. Takingfeedback of both parties after an interview and progressingfurther that the success of the Negotiation of wages and benefits on behalf of candidates whensuccessful Request references from previous employers RECRUITMENT CONSULTANTSALARY Recruitment Consultantsare paid in two ways. There is a base salary and then you receivecommission based on someone who is placed in a role. The entry levelSalaries home in c£17 - £22k with experience and seniorconsultants up to £40k basic concepts and beyond. The commission is based onthe amount of money it generates for the company. This canrange from 10% to 30% and beyond. A consultant can bill £200,000 ina year, although there are many that bill beyond thisfigure. RecruitmentConsultancies often encourage their staff to overachieve. Eachcompany has its own incentives, but it is not unusual to have daysout at the races or days of activity, such as karting. Somecompanies offer weekends away and it is not unusual for these bein such places as New York, Las Vegas, etc to the very successfulmembers of the team. THAT IS APPROPRIATE FOR ACAREER IN THE RECRUITMENT OF STAFF? Recruitment attracts ahuge range of people, although they all share some common traits.You must certainly be a person as you will spend a lot oftime interacting on the phone and face-to-face. Still target drivenand happy to work under pressure is also a huge advantage. The progression of the race canbe very fast for those who have success, so that ambition is also a key feature of the recruitment of the consultant. To be totally roundedRecruitment Consultant, you have to be very organised as you have many different tasks to perform on a daily basis. Modernrecruitment software helps with this, but you still have to beorganised to make sure that you hit your KPIS. RecruitmentConsultancies vary greatly. Some organizations are like a tradingfloor with many consultants and a lot of noise, while others are muchquieter. Although the paper is the same, it is worth considering whatenvironment is right for you. Simply put, if you arepersonable, driven, organized, tenacious, a great presenter, asales person, consultative, administrative, high energy,persistent, professional, sociable, goal-oriented, problemsolver, confidence, self-motivation, organised… beperfect! Finn Grace aspecialist Rec2Rec consultancy. We are specialized in the search of newcareer positions within the recruitment industry. From the Entry Levelroles for Consultants and Resourcer through RecruitmentConsultants and senior management. We work with a wide range ofcompanies across the uk, including many smaller brands, as well as the national brands.

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